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  1. Why did CM write that on ****** facebook.
  2. @sokittoya76 144hz is very nice, but not belonging to this thread....
  3. Think the answer is obviously simple: NO!👎 Otherwise they should have seen the very obvious issue
  4. Would be nice if CM give a sign, that they had seen this VR-issue and work on it. @PJTierney
  5. Try to change the MSAA one step - have a look in the hmd - and then switch back to your normal MSAA. All like it was before. I got a shock too when I started it first time after the pacht
  6. Still no mousefunction in VR It is very bad to operate the functions and settings with the steering-wheel-buttons. Especially since everything was unnecessarily nested ...
  7. Flens07

    Patch 1.12

    Nice to read that there will come a 1.13 - so the support is still alive 👍👍
  8. ...and it helps if the frontlights are defect because of a collision a stage before....
  9. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Actually a nice event - and interesting! While watching, too much is moderated for me, especially the female modarator talks too quickly and too much for my well-being. Less is sometimes more. But that's just my opinion. Hope this event will be repeated. So you can see how the pros are driving 👍
  10. Flens07

    Fanatec CSW settings

    For me it´s okay - finetunig is not so easy because of the very different undergrounds (tarmac, sand etc) so I think that is a compromise. and I don't like these motors in my RSR steering wheel. I switched that off ... Overall, the ffb is the weakest part in DR2 for me. For this reason, I mostly leave out Monte Carlo ... just zero feeling what the car is doing
  11. Flens07

    Fanatec CSW settings

    Meanwhile I am using the settings recommended by Fanatec: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/642/dirt-rally-2-0-pc-fanatec-recommended-settings Not the final bringer, but ok for me. I tried a lot of differnt ffb-settings, but the ffb was never in the way I like it final. So I took the best of the rest... Its ok for me, but not more...
  12. Flens07

    Something is coming...

    The Name is often to read in DR2 - But I don't think that's bad at all. It´s belonging to that kind of sport like Röhrl , Loeb or Sainz (just a few drivers - not complete) to name them ingame. But aren´t we offtopic now??´
  13. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    I had checked this today in the " Festive Challenge " @ Wales (guess what the weather was like?), and it works. But the whole eye-candy is away 😥
  14. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    That is a fact as I wrote before: The chances are not equal between monitor-driver an VR-Drive. Best view are by the third-person-drivers. Nearly no rain! And your videos: Very nice, but they get money for it! Give me money and I shut up with the xxxxrain in VR 😁
  15. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    And again: Current monthly challenge H3 RWD. Third location POWYS WALES. 7 stages, including 3x heavy rain !! No stage with light rain !. Thank you CM from a VR driver. I have to drive on the hood (in VR) to even see the route. 👎 Only my good education forbids me to say what I think of it