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  1. Flens07

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Think you are the most-liked user of any developer. Your first game? Why do you think are a lot of peaople write their issues and noticed bugs down and @Riggs made a list of it (thanks for it) ?? There are STILL some open points... Sorry @kombajnkoszoncy 👍
  2. Flens07

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Today my presets of sound and grafic are resettet High performance-problems (2080ti @5760x1080 triplescreen) since realease of Wales. What have you done?😫
  3. Flens07

    FFB updates

    The tastes are just different for each one The only fact ist the roadbook (s.a.) an the content about ffb in it.... The rest is subjective
  4. PC i7 8700k - RTX 2080ti - 32GB RAM - actual drivers - no overclock It is still the case that you can see a darkening of the Mini-Cooper in the hood perspective in the lower area.
  5. Flens07

    FFB updates

    Because your opinion may not be that of all dirt-drivers ... In particular, it's about tarred roads like Monaco. Even the rough ice is not felt. There is no feedback at all from the tar. The tires are virtually "lifeless"
  6. Flens07

    FFB updates

    I Hope you are wrong @Mike Dee : http://blog.codemasters.com/community/05/dirt-rally-2-0-road-book-16-05-19/ In the book you will find: We want to give a huge thanks to the entire community for their feedback and patience while we’ve looked into implementing these changes – especially to those of you who’ve taken the time to come back to us with incredibly useful, nuanced feedback about your FFB experiences. It’s worth mentioning that while this is the first big update to the FFB, it’s definitely a work in progress and we plan to refine the feeling further. Please – let us know what you think
  7. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    i´m taking part in a club-competition and i drive with the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 @ Baumholder - this stage is Hammerstein:
  8. Flens07

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Still missing a progress in FFB-expierience 😕
  9. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    The porsche 911 SC RS ist the biggest beast in Group B😁
  10. Flens07

    This ****ing game :(

    How should that be changed? Since the door would be open just to reset his PC and restart if it does not go so well. Incidentally, that happened to me too - but who cares and I still got a lot of money for the stages
  11. Is there another spare-tyre in the car ? - you should control this during the service before the stage begins...
  12. Have you Links about that cheating?
  13. PC - Deluxe-Version - 5760x1080 Triplescreen If you drive with the Mini Cooper in the hood camera, there is in the lower part of a (disturbing) darker area where possible still the windshield would be
  14. Flens07

    Where am I in leaderboard??

    This bug seemed to be fixed (at least today)
  15. Flens07

    react to bad pace note in DR 2.0

    I switched off the spotter - sometimes too early and sometimes too late. Excitement in front of a " three right tighten" and a 90° turn will be briefly informed (Poland). And the best: No famous words at start and at the end