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  1. Arcade-advertising in a sim?? 😂 I drove over 1100h in Pcars2 -only in the multiplayer - but there will be not minute in part 3 (for me) !
  2. I can´t believe that anyone is playing the full content - may be the offline-part. But who want´s this?? You wanted us to be always online - now we see for what it is good!
  3. I forgot to mention one thing: I want physics that does not turn the car 180 degrees when it comes into contact with a fence. Because that's not physics. The same applies to road edges that appear to have been made of reinforced concrete (New Zealand, Wales)
  4. VR-support is very important for me Pacenotes more like DR1 - it must not be spoken by proffessionals, in DR1 it was better than in DR2 the GUI could be made easier to use - The menu structure in DR2 is very nested most points of the users, who wrote over my input here are also important so didn´t repeat them again...
  5. Think it´s a missunderstanding - I will be excited if DR3 will be announced But this will take time I guess...
  6. I fear that the FLAT OUT package will be a kind of farewell gift. DR3 incoming ??🤗
  7. All this for just one car? I can´t believe that....
  8. @sokittoya76 144hz is very nice, but not belonging to this thread....
  9. Think the answer is obviously simple: NO!👎 Otherwise they should have seen the very obvious issue
  10. Would be nice if CM give a sign, that they had seen this VR-issue and work on it. @PJTierney
  11. Try to change the MSAA one step - have a look in the hmd - and then switch back to your normal MSAA. All like it was before. I got a shock too when I started it first time after the pacht
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