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  1. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    Exactly the same here - with nearly similar hardware...
  2. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 VR Feedback

    I hat switched off the (unused) USB-C-Port of my 2080ti and no change remakable. It is still a laggy world
  3. Flens07

    Noticeable head tracking lag with Index

    I'm afraid this is another thread about the same problem. Well then: Here are the same impressions: Regardless of the resolution and details, the VR impression is laggy. It somehow feels like the movements are damped or just delayed i7 8700K, 2080ti, 32GB, SSD only, Valve Index @90hz
  4. C'est ici un acte de courtoisie que de communiquer ici uniquement en anglais
  5. Flens07

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    Same thoughts! In DR1 I listen to the pacenotes and thea are usefull! (Until you know all stages out of the box, but then it is the imersion and not anoying)
  6. Flens07

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    I switched the (German) pacenotes off since a few weeks. It is so annoying and then you suddenly get three four curves in one and then nothing more. It´s impossible to remember this while driving!
  7. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 VR Feedback

    It´s the same here. Good framerates, bit when I move the head to left or right, up or down there is small lag remarkable. Very annoying.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC 8700k, 32GB, 2080ti, SSD only, Valve index @80Hz (no change with 90hz or more - only more stuttering)
  8. Flens07

    Turbo Sound inboard

    Is there any way to make turbo-whistling quieter with in-board sound (drive in VR)? I get a headache from this shrill sound after a short time
  9. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Whenever I drive the weekly or monthly event, the leading driver is now always shown with his total time at the start. Before the patch it was always the time driven by him at the present stage
  10. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    Wales in VR:
  11. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 VR Feedback

    Steam /i7 8700K / 2080ti / 32GB / SSD only / CSW2.5+Porsche Rim / Samsung Odyssey+ Still no mouse support Has the developers ever used the UI with the steering wheel? I do not believe. Has nothing to do with ergonomics😕 Performance is only okay, but I habe a 2080ti - it is the peak of actual graficcards, and the perormance is only "OK" . There is a lot of details I had to switched off. I regret those with older graphics cards. A friend of mine has a 1080ti and it is nearly impssibel to play the game in VR😕 That is not good advertising...
  12. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Steam / i7 8700K / 2080ti / 32GB / SSD only /Deluxe-Version / CSW2.5+Porsche-Rim an V3-pedals / Samsung Odyssey + Still no mouse in VR 😡 The text isn´t better readable in VR (see no changes) Performance in VR still bad ( and that´s on a power-pc)
  13. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    At steam a car costs about 2€ (example Opel Manta) and a track 3,50€ (example Monte Carlo) without sale. So it will be 6x 2€ and 2x 3,50€ . Nearly 20€ only for the Rally-content. I think I will spend the remaing 10 Euro für the whole paket to support the development
  14. Flens07

    rain on screen in VR

    Would be helpfull to know which plattform you are using...
  15. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 VR Feedback

    Same here! not reproducible😕 Steam Odyssey+ 8700k/2080ti/32GB/SSD only CSW2.5