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  1. Try to change the MSAA one step - have a look in the hmd - and then switch back to your normal MSAA. All like it was before. I got a shock too when I started it first time after the pacht
  2. Still no mousefunction in VR It is very bad to operate the functions and settings with the steering-wheel-buttons. Especially since everything was unnecessarily nested ...
  3. Flens07

    Patch 1.12

    Nice to read that there will come a 1.13 - so the support is still alive 👍👍
  4. ...and it helps if the frontlights are defect because of a collision a stage before....
  5. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Actually a nice event - and interesting! While watching, too much is moderated for me, especially the female modarator talks too quickly and too much for my well-being. Less is sometimes more. But that's just my opinion. Hope this event will be repeated. So you can see how the pros are driving 👍
  6. Flens07

    Fanatec CSW settings

    For me it´s okay - finetunig is not so easy because of the very different undergrounds (tarmac, sand etc) so I think that is a compromise. and I don't like these motors in my RSR steering wheel. I switched that off ... Overall, the ffb is the weakest part in DR2 for me. For this reason, I mostly leave out Monte Carlo ... just zero feeling what the car is doing
  7. Flens07

    Fanatec CSW settings

    Meanwhile I am using the settings recommended by Fanatec: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/642/dirt-rally-2-0-pc-fanatec-recommended-settings Not the final bringer, but ok for me. I tried a lot of differnt ffb-settings, but the ffb was never in the way I like it final. So I took the best of the rest... Its ok for me, but not more...
  8. Flens07

    Something is coming...

    The Name is often to read in DR2 - But I don't think that's bad at all. It´s belonging to that kind of sport like Röhrl , Loeb or Sainz (just a few drivers - not complete) to name them ingame. But aren´t we offtopic now??´
  9. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    I'd like to vent my displeasure that it rains too much at monthly or weekly events in Wales. I drove yesterday in the current challenge with the kitcars seven stages in Powys / Wales. Of the seven were four with heavy rain, two with wet track and a night stage was then dry times (Thank you for that). This is just one example of the fact that it is constantly raining heavily in the Hera demands. After Monte Carlo (little FFB), Australia (ridiculous fences that always turn the car 180 degrees), this is the third location that deserves to be ignored.
  10. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    I had checked this today in the " Festive Challenge " @ Wales (guess what the weather was like?), and it works. But the whole eye-candy is away 😥
  11. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    That is a fact as I wrote before: The chances are not equal between monitor-driver an VR-Drive. Best view are by the third-person-drivers. Nearly no rain! And your videos: Very nice, but they get money for it! Give me money and I shut up with the xxxxrain in VR 😁
  12. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    And again: Current monthly challenge H3 RWD. Third location POWYS WALES. 7 stages, including 3x heavy rain !! No stage with light rain !. Thank you CM from a VR driver. I have to drive on the hood (in VR) to even see the route. 👎 Only my good education forbids me to say what I think of it
  13. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 VR Feedback

    16GB -Patch 1.11 and the game is still the same for me... 👎
  14. Flens07

    Something is coming...

    I´m not a fan of dynamic weather. The result will be, that most of the events starts with sunny and ends with rainy weather...or the other way. That is a big critical point for example in WRC8 (I´m not an owner of it but informed)
  15. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    3 stages @ Finland in a row 👍 It was a competition in the club of my community
  16. Flens07

    Something is coming...

    I hope there is no more RX-stuff incoming... (Sorry RX-Fans - but that is not my favor and only my opinion 🙂)
  17. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    Several times - no rain @all. But I had seen snow in Abu Dhabi on a picture - where ist that wheathercondition in this game?? I think my excample is the same stupid comparison like yours. the rain in VR shifts the chances among the drivers - that is the fact! When DR2 will be most realistic there had to bee a lot of updates to come. So why this ****** heavy rain in VR
  18. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    This video shows more of the track than in "live-VR" is my opinion.
  19. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    To make it clearer again: rain is okay - but it does not always have to be heavy rain. In VR there is really hard to see partly how it the track is going on next curve. The Co-Pilot isn t really a good herlp when you need him. So far I played DR2 364 hours, I do not want to talk bad about the game, but one thing or another bothers me a bit
  20. Flens07

    RAIN in UK

    I suppose that here the third-person drivers vote for more rain. As a VR driver, you do not see much anymore.
  21. Flens07

    no codriver

    Lucky you 😇
  22. Flens07

    Racenet again

    If they want us always online for most if DR2, then they had to provide a stable Racenet. Very annoying if you can not conclude a (club) event, but will be disqualified
  23. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 VR Feedback

    VR with DR2.0 is very very good and immersive, but there is STILL no mouse-support. That is the only bad VR-aspect for me after 1.10 .
  24. Flens07

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    Games crashed randomly, and at the same time Racenet wasn´t available Dirt 2 incl. all DLC @Steam RTX2080ti, 32GBRAM, i7 8700k, SSD only, Valve Index
  25. Flens07

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Works fine for me 👍 You habe to recalibrate it first, then it works (I us a Thrustmnaster Sparco)!! A long waiting is finished: Asuper analog-handbrake 😊 Thx!