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  1. Yea unfortunately not. Thought having done a dozen or so repairs was a big enough sample as it was occurring frequently before. Have edited my earlier post.
  2. PC deluxe edition. Running an AMD RX580. Never seen this before v1.5. Rendered the stage undriveable. So I paused and grabbed this video. The effect persisted even after ALT+Enter input, in the replay, and when the service area when loading up a new event (so didn't bother starting that one). Restarting the game resolved the issue. Will update graphics drivers and see if it happens again. Also recommended repairs bugged out on first time repair of a used MG metro... same as reported in v1.4 where components out of view stay on 'no fix' until scrolling down to view and re-selecting "recommended repairs".
  3. Doh just had the sound drop out on the new Daily RX GrB at hell so edited my earlier post.
  4. PC. Deluxe edition. Having completed most of the daily and weekly community events, I can report the following observations. 🙂 On the positive side: Recommended repairs working properly - most of the time......see item 8 below. Visibility during rain at night improved and more natural. Seem to have picked up some FPS especially around crowds. Sound during stages seems to be stable, no drop outs so far..... On the negative side, in approximate order of impact to game play: Sound drop outs still occurring. Suffering a puncture after crossing the finish leaves you starting with an unrepairable flat tyre on the next stage even though I was carrying a spare - surely this should be repaired without penalty between stages. My Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 was almost undrivable (otherwise undamaged) after this occured at Poland in the current weekly GrB 4WD community event - took nearly 6 minutes to finish a normally sub 3 minute stage, only to find the flat (now just a rim obviously) persisted on the next stage. Retired after that. 😞 Night lights still a bit dim especially in tightly forested sections, and the road surface itself. Random auto wipes still occurring with wipers set to manual. Leaderboards appearing after completion of a community event still bugged (but to be fair patch notes only mention Monthly event leaderboards were fixed). Fanatec LEDs still lighting in reverse order. Engine mapping upgrade progress not shown after event (dynamic visualisation after rewards screen) or in vehicle selection menus. Progress is still occurring and upgrade can be selected from the garage once it's at 100% (at least for the NR4 Mitsi Evo X anyway). Recommended repairs still buggy on some occasions. E.g. occurred when repairing a used car from the market place (GrB MG Metro) Notification added for when a player completes research on a car’s final engine upgrade in My Team doesn't seem to be working (just finished the weekly NR4 in the Mitsi Evo X to achieve final engine upgrade, didn't see any notification, just saw it upon checking the car upgrade menu in the garage). Ambient sounds and music dropping out in vehicle service area (while menu selection feedback sound and rain still works). Happens immediately upon selecting menu items e.g. option, tyres, tune, event details. Normal sounds resume after starting stage.
  5. If you click to purchase a car already in your garage a dialogue prompt appears with notification you already own this vehicle and the option to proceed or cancel. I just use this if I can't remember what I already own.
  6. Opel Kadette keeps reverting to default livery. Even amid way through an (weekly community) event after completing several stages with an alternative livery, reverts to default livery upon returning to main menu then resuming event.
  7. KoAStR

    soft lock

    Thanks this worked for me on PC. Yea it's on by default but calibrating with it set to off did the trick.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work. System details posted earlier. Looks like I am not the only one. Solution was to turn soft lock off (it's on by default), perform a wheel calibration, then turn soft lock back on (it no longer shows "calibration required" after the calibration with it set to off). Not quite a bug perhaps, but certainly could do with some better menu prompts especially given soft lock is set to on by default.
  9. Soft lock is [edit was] not working for me either. PC using Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 version. Found a solution from this thread:
  10. Yea I know how it's supposed to work, but travel angle is unchanged from native wheel lock even with soft lock on. Next to the soft lock setting it says "calibration required". I've successfully calibrated heaps and it doesn't change. Soft lock simply isn't working.
  11. I wish there was more detail and consistency in the pace notes. They were much better in DR1. For instance, there is often a wall or railing on exit or inside that isn't called at Spain, and same for Monaco where in DR1 it is called (and I still need that reminder!). Spain is notorious for back to back corners with varying radii being called the same. No mention of the cliff I find myself falling down either! There seems to be no "keep out" call, with "don't cut" being used instead. But these shouldn't be the same as one requires a positive response while the other is passive. E.g. Argentina where there can be both rocks off track limits or rock faces overhanging track limits. Again with "tightens" which is used for slot of scenarios where more detail is warranted and often not distinct from "narrow". Most often first corner call is numbered but second is not even if the tightening is severe. Timing could also be improved. I have calls set as early as possible and yet some are still called too late to respond safely. Especially where a long radius tightens abruptly into a short or other 'caution'ary call. Often the sequence of the call for tightens is misleading, especially when combined with a 'very long' variant.
  12. Same for me on PC. I don't think soft lock is working in any of the vehicles.
  13. I have been able to work around the sound bug by toggling the active audio device. It doesn't stop the sound dropping out but at least when it does you can pause, remedy, and complete the stage with sound, or until it drops again if you don't miss too many calls and then bin it after resuming from pause! . For instance. If playing with headphones (Logitech g35), unplug, wait for windows audio que, replug headphones. Or vice versa if using speakers.
  14. Soft lock not working with Fanatec CSL elite PS4 version on PC (calibrated at full native lock). Not sure if working with any vehicles but certainly not in the 4wd up to 2000cc class vehicles. In game car lock is mapping to wheel hardware lock not reduced native car lock
  15. Rev / shift light bar doesn't work in Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 dash on PC.