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  1. Bug. Free play - Las Juntas (any time/weather) Stage won't load when selecting MG Metro Group B. Hangs on loading screen. Stage won't load when selecting Audi Quattro Group B. Crashes to desktop/error report after splashing load screen. Other Group B cars load up fine. Issue is 100% repeatable so far. PC steam Windows 7 64bit, i5 2500k CPU, Rx580 GPU. Deluxe user Supported peripherals only. Fanatec CSL elite, CS SQ shifter, handbrake.
  2. Same thing happening on PC steam. Deluxe edition.
  3. Good work. There are poor calls like this on the majority of stages- almost too many to report individually. Spain is notoriously inconsistent and generally lacking in detail e.g. "keep out" or "don't cut" absent for majority of corners with rail barriers inside. Poland also seems more prone. Maybe it's exaggerated on both these tracks due to being higher speed tracks. I have the calls on earliest and sometimes you are already turning in before getting detail e.g. "tightens".... By then already overcommitted. Hopefully we can chip away at it and see it progressively improve.
  4. Persistent bug from previous version: Sound Cut Out during stage. Work around was to unplug audio device (logitech G35 headphones), wait for windows audible device change notification, then replug headphones. Today's occurrence was as follows: Enter Daily community event Group B 4WD @Spain. Select vehicle Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 Commence stage Sound cut out during stage approx mid-way Pause game Unplugged headphones Waited for windows audio device change notification Replugged headphones and continued to stage finish with sound. System Details: PC steam, monitor RX580 GPU, i5 2500k CPU Deluxe Fanatec peripherals
  5. Persistent Bug from previous version: In some cases, items on lower part of repair list in "vehicle preparation" area (before launching an event) remain on "no fix" after pressing "recommended repairs" on default screen. Scroll down to bottom of list and reselecting "recommended repairs". Not sure if it's random or car/track specific. Today's occurance was as follows: Enter Daily community event Group B 4WD @Spain. Select vehicle Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 Select "Repairs tab" Press button "recommended repairs" Scroll down repair item list and see some items still show "no fix" Press button "recommended repairs" again All items now show recommended repair option. System Details: PC steam, monitor RX580 GPU, i5 2500k CPU Deluxe Fanatec peripherals
  6. Persistent bug from previous versions: random wipers with wiper setting set to manual still present. PC steam, monitor RX580 GPU, i5 2500k CPU Deluxe Fanatec peripherals
  7. Possibly reported already. Steam deluxe edition. Engine upgrade progression on RX GrB Peugeot is bugged. After completing an event no progress is shown. Upgrade #5 and #6 are both showing same progress (69%) and display order is reversed.
  8. Agree and reported the same about the gearbox. Despite appearances this is a mid engine car. Combined with such a short wheel base it does make for unique handling. Especially on gravel where traction is lower.
  9. Same again with non RX version of the Peugeot 205. This one was definitely manual h-pattern in DR1 so not sure which is correct but description is mismatched.
  10. Similar situation with Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 RX Group B. Described as "manual" in Garage. Input behaves as "manual sequential". Cockpit animation and other sources suggest it should be described as sequential.
  11. PC steam. Windows 7. Deluxe edition. Renault 5 turbo gearbox behaviour mismatch. Behaves as sequential when using setting "manual H-pattern with clutch or manual sequential", but it's displayed as "manual" without sequential i.e. H-pattern in Garage. Driver animation and cockpit is also consistent with 3 pedal H-pattern controls.
  12. Trouble is it happens even when the wipers are set to manual.
  13. KoAStR

    Wheel Users: 7 speed Ford Escort RS Cosworth

    Handbrake puts quite a lot of leverage through the rig hey! I fatigued the weld around the original mount stem I had it on and had to remount somewhere more rigid - added a bit of extra rigidity to the rig with a tie down strap!. Gotta do what it takes to keep using that handbrakey goodness! Don't think you can adjust 7th. It's gated you have to press the shifter down while it's nuetral. Unless you modify the gate plate the shift tension adjustment won't change the gate action.
  14. KoAStR

    Wheel Users: 7 speed Ford Escort RS Cosworth

    Unless they change the in-game description to sequential for the Peugeot GrB RX I'll just keep using H pattern.. haven't tried it in seq. H pattern is too much fun. But thanks good info on the different real life box configurations. 👍
  15. Yea unfortunately not. Thought having done a dozen or so repairs was a big enough sample as it was occurring frequently before. Have edited my earlier post.