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  1. flowerdealer

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    VR Comfort settings no longer work in this version, you are able to look back and side ways regardless of the settings.
  2. flowerdealer

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    FFB is my only gripe with the game (and the rain and snow on VR but that is more like a bug). It does it's job, but it's so death and unengaging. It's just not fun. What do I consider excellent force feedback? Well, personally I liked the FFB in DR 1 much better, but for current games Automobilista 2 and Assetto Corsa competizione are awesome, even though they feel completely different to each other.
  3. flowerdealer

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    I agree, this is my only gripe against the game. The FFB just isn't great.
  4. MSAAx4 still seems broken in snow stages. Also, rain and snow are impossible to drive in with Shaders set on high. Everytime I run a stage with either I need to change the settings because otherwise it's impossible to see the road. I wish there was an intermediate setting which kept the shading high on the road but reduced the effect on the windshield and raindrops.
  5. flowerdealer

    VR resolution is till broken

    Of the screen.
  6. flowerdealer

    VR low resolution?

    This problem wasn't fixed on the Odyssey/WindiwosMR. The only workaround is as I posted above.
  7. flowerdealer

    VR low resolution?

    Go to the VR config file for the game in my documents, open it with an editor, and manually change the resolution and set full screen to 0. Windows MR is broken in this game unless you do that.
  8. flowerdealer

    VR resolution is till broken

    4x is still broken, but I found a fix. In the config files, go to the resolution and set to your native res, and also, disable fullscreen for vr (there is no option in the menu for this). This fixes the issue.
  9. flowerdealer

    VR resolution is till broken

    Also msaa 4x is completely broken, all the trees at distance have a weird outline.
  10. Workaround is still to change mxaa from 2x to 4x and back. Race starts with low resolution and bad aspect ratio from graphics. This is mega annoying, please fix. On a Samsung Odyssey.
  11. VR MSAA issue still persists after latest patch today. Also all the OSD for turns appear half res and squished until I manually change the MSAA. Game still looks blurry and pixelated (compared to other games) even after doing this 'fix'. Didn't work at least for me on a Samsung Odyssey.
  12. flowerdealer

    FPS & Stuttering (PC, non-VR)

    Try uninstalling GeForce experience. Still get periodic stutter, but much less.
  13. flowerdealer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Nothing on 1.8 and no mention of it for 1.9. I guess it's not happening... shame.
  14. flowerdealer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Like some of us have mentioned here before, some aspects of FFB from DR2 are definitely better. It's just missing the road texture and feel of tire slip from Dirt Rally 1.0. Whether you need them or not is a matter of taste and opinion, but better to have them with an option to dial them back that to not have them at all.
  15. flowerdealer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    For me at release it was completely broken, as it was completely absent in my wheel. Not bad, just almost completely absent. Now it's passable, but not enjoyable or great. The question is if Dirt Rally 2.0 will go down as an 'ok' game, or a great one. It's pretty close to being a great one, with a few more vr optimizations and improved FFB.