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  1. keremozcann


    NFS and Max Payne my favoruite child games.I play 8-9 hours this games in one day.I think everyone found something special all this game.Congrats for follow your dream you are probably developer. i want to be developer but i know nothing on coding maybe one day i hope learn all coding system.Thank you for you say understandable English i hope improve myself,are you use Ps4 if use i want to add you on psn.
  2. keremozcann


    Yes i need grammar.Acutally i understand all of this but don’t create right sentence.And final sentence are Turkish meaning:Greetings Türkish Player
  3. keremozcann


    Hi, I'm 18, born in Turkey.I play from child racing games Gran Turismo,NFS,F1 series from 2013.I really enjoy all sim game.And sorry if my english is not good. Play with Thrustmaster T150 on PS4 Psn:keremozcann Türk arkadaş varsada selam olsun 🙂