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    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    Wow this thread is terrible, on both sides. The game not supporting VR on release really isn't a big deal, look at dev cycles and then look at the release of the vive, as an example of when VR became somewhat mainstream which is about 4 years, it's still new tech and not fully adopted so no it's not going to be supported on every title yet. On the other side of things, VR isn't expensive anymore, you can get standalone headsets for roughly 150 bucks that are better than the OG rift and Vive ( I'm talking WMR devices ), so you people crying that it's not accessible should go do some research. I run primarily in VR, though for DR 2.0 I make the sacrifice and run single screen, and fully agree that VR in racing titles is becoming an essential feature. That said, it needs to be mentioned that VR's only been available to the masses for a few years and is in it's infancy in the grand scheme of things. Thank you Codemasters for putting it in, though the wait does suck 😉 , I hope that the reaction from your community around this game has shown you just how important VR is to the racing community and that you're able to look past the negativity in this thread to see the bigger picture in regards to upcoming titles. One thing I would like to mention, and I really hope that the Devs catch this, is to please expand beyond Oculus. At the moment the Oculus is, objectively, the worst of the headsets. It's resolution is lower, it's not balanced as well and so comfort is an issue and compared to the other devices it's a good bit overpriced as a rule. At the moment the cross play is bugged and I haven't been able to play DiRT Rally in months on my WMR device, being a content creator this becomes a big issue really quickly and effects not only me but your standing as a developer in my community. Right now I'm playing DR 2.0 once a week on my single monitor but the instant I can switch to VR I will be doing so, and if something happens that stops me from using VR at that point I'll put the title down the same I've done with DiRT Rally. Now with DiRT Rally the fault doesn't really lay with you because VR was super new, but with DR 2.0 you do have a responsibility to your consumers to support as many devices as you can (just like you do with wheel bases). The other thing that I wanted to mention for Codemasters sake is that this is kind of a make or break opportunity for you. I haven't necessarily seen it in this thread, but I can say with confidence that the Simpit, 10x and Logically Gaming communities are all pretty much on the same page here that you need to provide a fully finished title with this game or you're going to lose out on significant sales for the next releases. A lot of us are tired of unfinished games and broken promises because of titles like Project Cars, now your titles are not nearly as broken as that one can be at times, but you've still built a bit of a bad reputation with the simulation community because of the other DiRT titles and your F1 games. I'm going to bring up something unrelated to VR here for a second, this is because a lot of people in the community are focused on VR and are missing some other glaring issues, so with my being here to comment on the VR situation I feel it worth it to bring up the other things that are essential to this games success in the long run and the sales of your future games. Before I go through these few things I also want to say that I am someone that bought the early release knowing full well that there would be bugs and that you had stated VR to be implemented at a later date, I did this to show that I'm supporting you and I hope that you don't do myself and the others like me wrong by not delivering. 1, your manual system is partially broken. For some reason, unlike in the first game, you have to manually switch your car from sequential to h pattern shifting if the car uses a different method from the last. This should be done automatically as was in the original DiRT Rally. 2, I know that you've addressed this as intended behavior but you need to sit down with your original title right after a session in DR 2.0 and try to tell me that the FFB is working as intended. If it is then you've taken the wrong approach to FFB as DiRT Rally had one of the best implementations to date in sim racing. The FFB in DR 2.0 feels overly weighted and there by is missing fidelity, changing the config. files can help gain back some fidelity but there are sacrifices made in regards to weight, and some specific sections of the course that don't work well with this method, so please for the sake of your supporters do your best to revert the FFB so something similar to the original DR. 3, VR, I won't go in depth here as this has been beaten to death but let us leave it that VR needs to be implemented and that if it's in any way feasible, you need to support multiple devices. 4, this is less for this specific title and more for the future but you need proper triple screen support. The stretched rendering method that you're using is terrible and the vast majority of us only put up with it because we don't want to raise our voice when there are more pressing issues. If you're going to support something you must do it properly, multiprojection is a standard these days and you're one of the few devs in the sim racing space that are still using the old method. All of the main sims apart from yours and Kunos have proper triple support, so if not for this title then the next one, you need to work on this. These things fixed, and you're going to have dedicated fan bases for life. We as a community obviously like your games, to the point that we're willing to go out of our way to come to your forums from our own social media sites to express our issues. Now it's up to you to not let us down, to show us that our support is valued. I know that I'm throwing gum at the wall at this point, but hopefully this reaches someone that takes the time to sincerely evaluate what was said and to take action, thanks either way for taking the time to read this.