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  1. bjornwestergren

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    I'm hoping for the yellow MKIII Kit Car that Alistair McRae used instead of MKIV :)
  2. bjornwestergren

    Creating custom championships

    While they are work on this, please make it possible to make an custom event with all stages in a country and then play the event with 1-4 people like the old CM games :)
  3. bjornwestergren

    DiRTy Gossip

    Endless of hours playing CM2, even today I remember the perfect fealing of tarmac in a tight turn when you first doesn't feel nothing and then a lot of feedback when the tyres grip and you move forward.
  4. bjornwestergren

    Only 2 track conditions?

    Use custom championship instead, then you'll be giving all the options, takes a little longer but it's worth it.
  5. bjornwestergren

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Great setups, I'm always saving your setups now for my cars. I use controller on xbox one and using cockpit view, works very well!
  6. bjornwestergren

    Favourite/Least favourite rallies?

    1. Sweden - My home rally and very fun, especially at night. Much improved since DR1. 2. Wales - Favourite rally from DR1, love the mud! 3. New Zealand - Awesome flow, like it in the rain. 4. New England - Muddy in rain, tricky with all the stones hidden beside the road so keep it tight. 5. Australia - Just doesn't know why but it's fun. Favourite country from CM1. 6. Germany - Hated it in DR1 but now it's a lot of fun with many hairpins. 7. Monte Carlo - Could be number two on this list but impossible do drive with auto gearbox as I do on my controller. 8. Poland - To fast with controller, will probably love it when I have a steering wheel again. 9. Spain - Nope, just hate it. 10. Argentina - Always terminal damaged...
  7. bjornwestergren

    2 player events and other ideas

    A few ideas that i have and would love to see be implemented in the game. 1. A two player possibility in custom events. Like the old Colin McRae games I would love a possibility to do an two or more player offline events when you have friends over. You choose which locations you want to run and the players choose which car they want to have and then run after each other on the same controller/wheel and a separate offline leatherboard (not Racenet) during the event. If someone crashes out they can continue the event with a time penalty or something like that. WRC 7 had something like that but with ghostcar and it wasn't good but Dirt Rally 1 and 2 hasn't anything like that. 2. A Swedish co-driver voice. Loved a mod back at Colin McRae 1 or 2 where a Swedish voice was recored by someone from Värmland! 3. Possibility to run with extra lights mounted in daylight. Love the look av them. 4. The ability to choose between RHD and LHD in cockpit view, everything feels wrong for me to drive a RHD a two of my favourite cars in the game, Ford Escort MKII and Opel Ascona B (as I own in real life) are that and "impossible" for me to use. 5. Volvo 240 and Volvo 940 added as cars. See pictures of very very popular rallycars in Scandinavia.
  8. bjornwestergren

    Is this suposed to happen?

    Are the tyres ok?
  9. I want a mode there you on the same console/computer can play 2 person. You choose 2 player, then you choose either a whole rally or a single stage and then player one starts first and when he finish the stage player two takes of. If you choose a whole rally you will play stage by stage and the ones who's faster starts first and you will have to repair at the servicepoints. This gameplay were in the older Colin McRae titles and was lovly to play with friends over. I can be done completly offline so no needs for leaderboards after stage/rally.
  10. bjornwestergren

    Hi from Sweden

    Hi! Björn from Sweden here just to say hello! Well, I've been playing rally/racing-games since mid 90 on computer, PS2 and Xbox (I'm 37). A lot of hours in Colin McRae Rally, mostly the first two. Also playing a lot och TOCA and RBR. I have owned 5-6 wheels during the time but now I'm on Xbox One and playing with controller since there are no space and time for a sim-setup, work and children takes too much time :) Loved Dirt Rally and are now playing Dirt Rally 2.0 as a lot of you, and I love it, has not much to complain about exept blurry graphics and some (in my opion) missing gameplays, will tell about them in another thread. Beside racing on console I love watch rally/racing in reality and have been on a lot of events and I own a streetlegal Opel Ascona B with rollcage and other fun stuff that I have been racing a lot with. So hello from me.