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  1. In Colin McRae Rally 1 and 2.0 you could choose to play 1-4 people on local multiplayer, just choose a rally or stage and then you competed against each other on the same computer after each other...
  2. Must find time to play WRC8 more before they release 9 😄 havn't even tried it since I bought the wheel.
  3. Said it before, the Volvo 240 should be in the game.
  4. Endless of hours playing CM2, even today I remember the perfect fealing of tarmac in a tight turn when you first doesn't feel nothing and then a lot of feedback when the tyres grip and you move forward.
  5. Great setups, I'm always saving your setups now for my cars. I use controller on xbox one and using cockpit view, works very well!
  6. @bjornwestergren, welcome to the Codemasters Community. 🙂


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