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  1. Hello @PJTierney, Two bugs on my side: 1. Tyres in Career Mode — game shows alaywas that the chosen ones are Medium. No matter what I've used in the stages before. It sure shows that they are used/worn after stages, but will show them as Medium no matter what I had chosen for the two stages before current Service Area. Also, the tyre swap count doesn't decrease in such scenario, just like the game didn't know I've already swapped the tyres before. 2. The Start Time in Poland's sunset is still incorrect (no matter the stage, it's just always incorrect for sunset). I live in Poland and we don't have sunset so early in the morning. Would you please be so kind and fix that please. Otherwise great game which turned out to be even greater. I really hope for more seasons, and I am really afraid how the new GRID will handle for me after growing accustomed to DR2.0 driving model, ha ha (being a purely arcade racer for years). Thank you!
  2. Hardy

    Where am I in leaderboard??

    +1, since last patch (v1.5; together with missing ambient sounds while selecting an option menu in vehicle service area).
  3. Hardy

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I just saw and heard a helicopter above my head which hasn't happened before, so something may be improving here...
  4. Sunset is still at 04:16 (AM) in Poland...
  5. I'd suggest to wait for an official confirmation from Codemasters... a bit risky.
  6. Hardy

    Loosing all progress After 1.5 update ?!?!?

    I don't get a message that racenet is down, only the info about the save. The only way to back out of that is to kill dirt2 process. Yeah, I will wait, a I don't want to lose my 250hr playtime progress.
  7. Hardy

    Loosing all progress After 1.5 update ?!?!?

    Steam check results in the same.
  8. This. I have been really, really patient with DR2 up till now, but I think this is the breaking point for me, and for exactly this reason. Having always-online game and leaving noone to monitor it through a time where 99% of people actually have the time to play it is just beyond words.
  9. Yep! That's what goood about this achievement, that it also offers a way out for the ones who are not top-notch drivers -- in the form of a 2-(not 4)tier event! That is, if you happen to come across that iteration.
  10. 8:14 here on my beloved keyboard 😉 Hoping this will be enough in 11 hours left till the cut off is made and monies start rolling in. But I will know that in the evening, once I get home.
  11. As I said, for me it was the 'Overcast' condition. I did it in Freeplay, one the shortest Spain track. I won't be detailing the steps -- I don't have time for that, neither I want to be responsible for your reset profile, as it's extremely probable. Basically it was what you described (offline etc.). Maybe there is something different in your case.
  12. At least it's Spain, not Poland! That's a plus for me, at least.
  13. 'Final en Bellriu' or something, 14 kilometers, wet surface, light rain, watch out for that final turn before the end — the hill might want to throw you off itself! 😉
  14. OK, so now I only have to put it in the top half, right