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  1. Hardy

    A Letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 Community

    I really like how the 'DiRT' font resembles the one of DiRT3. Excited for the upcoming reveal.
  2. So far it goes up on PC, but I've already finished the Career, so probably won't have a chance to investigate further.
  3. Same here. Leaderboards are one of the main features of a racing game (comparing to friends, etc.). Where is the day one patch, Codies?
  4. Hardy

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Add to the menu: Anisotropic Filtering multipilier Multisampling multiplier Bloom & Motion Blur toggles Other Antialiasing types than just TAA In current state the game looks blurry compared to DR2.0, where I could adjust all these settings and forget about similar blurry visuals because of initial 'out of the box' configuration. I find myself blinking constantly in order to see a clearer picture. Tampering with config in XML file helps a lot, but all these features should be in-game.
  5. It's the only option for AA in the menu - TAA or Off...
  6. Hi Team, Could you please implement these options in PC version menu? I've found a bit of these in settings xml file, but it'd be great if they were present right in the menu, just as in DR2.0. I always turn Bloom, Motion Blur and TAA off. I prefer graphics to be more 'sharp'. This was the first thing I did in DR2.0, cause right out of the box it also looked this 'soft', and I don't like that at all. Thank you.
  7. Hi Team, Sunset still has morning hours shown on the loading screen for: Greece Monaco Spain
  8. Hi All, Is there any parameter I could add to game executable so Steam stops asking if I want to start the game in VR or desktop mode, and just start in the latter straight away? Just the way it was before VR was introduced. Thanks!
  9. Guys, you fixed Poland, but messed up Spain right now 🙂 Times of day. Sunset is now at 07:34 in Spain! edit: also, Sunset in Monte Carlo -- 08:01 Greece -- Sunset -- 07:14 [1. What platform you're playing on: PC Steam 3. Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user: Deluxe]
  10. Hello @PJTierney, Two bugs on my side: 1. Tyres in Career Mode — game shows alaywas that the chosen ones are Medium. No matter what I've used in the stages before. It sure shows that they are used/worn after stages, but will show them as Medium no matter what I had chosen for the two stages before current Service Area. Also, the tyre swap count doesn't decrease in such scenario, just like the game didn't know I've already swapped the tyres before. 2. The Start Time in Poland's sunset is still incorrect (no matter the stage, it's just always incorrect for sunset). I live in Poland and we don't have sunset so early in the morning. Would you please be so kind and fix that please. Otherwise great game which turned out to be even greater. I really hope for more seasons, and I am really afraid how the new GRID will handle for me after growing accustomed to DR2.0 driving model, ha ha (being a purely arcade racer for years). Thank you!
  11. Hardy

    Where am I in leaderboard??

    +1, since last patch (v1.5; together with missing ambient sounds while selecting an option menu in vehicle service area).
  12. Hardy

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I just saw and heard a helicopter above my head which hasn't happened before, so something may be improving here...
  13. Sunset is still at 04:16 (AM) in Poland...
  14. I'd suggest to wait for an official confirmation from Codemasters... a bit risky.