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  1. I really like how the 'DiRT' font resembles the one of DiRT3. Excited for the upcoming reveal.
  2. Add to the menu: Anisotropic Filtering multipilier Multisampling multiplier Bloom & Motion Blur toggles Other Antialiasing types than just TAA In current state the game looks blurry compared to DR2.0, where I could adjust all these settings and forget about similar blurry visuals because of initial 'out of the box' configuration. I find myself blinking constantly in order to see a clearer picture. Tampering with config in XML file helps a lot, but all these features should be in-game.
  3. Hi Team, Sunset still has morning hours shown on the loading screen for: Greece Monaco Spain
  4. Guys, you fixed Poland, but messed up Spain right now 🙂 Times of day. Sunset is now at 07:34 in Spain! edit: also, Sunset in Monte Carlo -- 08:01 Greece -- Sunset -- 07:14 [1. What platform you're playing on: PC Steam 3. Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user: Deluxe]
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