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  1. DunkDriver

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I'm seeing the same... Poland and Wet weather anywhere, the AI is extra hard to compete with, even with clean runs.
  2. DunkDriver

    Dirt Rally 2 Uncontrollable GroupB 4WD

    No luck with tuning so far. I tried Brake Bias under Brakes, all the LSD settings related to oversteer under differential, and front and back anti roll under Springs. Perhaps some tiny improvements, but still spinning out too easily at low speed with this car. Can't say I actually understand these settings beyond the help blurb and very basic physics.
  3. DunkDriver

    Dirt Rally 2 Uncontrollable GroupB 4WD

    That was a good call! Just tried this Group B car and after a test lap was not only not spinning out but starting to see some green sections. I'll have to try some of your other recommendations. Pretty good fun and great engine sound. I normally just stay clear of the RWD, which is why I had been sticking with the 4WDs for Group B.
  4. DunkDriver

    Dirt Rally 2 Uncontrollable GroupB 4WD

    Thanks for all the replies. I will try some car configuration and different Group B vehicles. Just tried the MG Metro in Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 for comparison. Dirt 4 was a quite controllable, Dirt Rally was difficult, but not the level of near random instability I see in Dirt Rally 2. I'd love to hear confirmation that my experience is intentional, simulating something real. In which case these cars are either death traps or real rally drivers should avoid steering with a xbox controller while viewing drone footage! I'm new to this edition of the game, so it's not yet clear if I must win races in Group B to progress the historic championship or just attempt them.
  5. I'm finding the Group B 4WD class uncontrollable. Specifically from 3rd person camera and xbox controller, but this seems more care specific. Here's how to reproduce: Freeplay -> Custom -> Create Championship -> Add Event Spain -> Group B 4WD Stage conditions -> Daytime / Clear / Dry Surface Now Start Championship and select MG Metro 6R4 Accelerate too 100kph or so to get into 2nd or 3rd gear. Release throttle and let speed drop to ~60kph. Gently steer left or right. Observe car spin out 180deg! This is insane! You can reproduce this as low as 30kph with no braking or acceleration or hard steering on dry bitumen. Mostly 2nd or 3rd gear, 1st gear is more stable for some reason. Soft tires don't help. Enabling stability assists also don't help. I tried the same test above with different cars from different groups. Here are the results: Group H1 - Mini - Great Group H2 RWD - Alpine - Challenging Group H3 - Ford Cosworth - Challenging Group B 4WD - MG Metro, Ford FS200 - Uncontrollable. Group A - Subaru 1995 - Great Group R2 - Ford Fiesta R2 - Great Group R5 - VW Golf - Great 2000 - Citroen C4 - Great Rally GT - Porsche 911 - Challenging So most cars are fine, a few difficult but the GroupB 4WD take the cake for instability. Driving from cockpit is slightly better as you can tell the car is losing grip and correct more quickly. From 3rd person view it is not possible to tell the car has started to slip. Anyway this lack of grip under very modest conditions is making the game unenjoyable for me. I previously enjoyed both Dirt Rally and Dirt 4.