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  1. Rogantaur74

    Please make Overlord 3

    Hey Guys n Girls! For starts, I love classic games the more from the day the better. The new "Classics" we have are a joke and most of them completely miss the point in a good retro look. on to Overlord, the first one had a great flow of story and a light leveling system with fairly fun but basic puzzle system. Overlord II I felt missed the mark on where Overlord came from but had some other great add-ons and parts to it, the main change the updated graphics and fewer bugs than the first so Codemasters learned from there mistakes. If I would pose a new Idea I would have a form of Light Custom Character such as 3 body shapes for 2 genders so (Default male/female, Powerful male/female, lithe male/female, obese male/female) for example. then maybe some hair that comes under the helmet or not and then the color of the glow or effect they have, maybe even the focus of power in the beginning such as toward demonic (fire) mystical (water) combat (browns) thief (greens) so that the overlord themselves has a connection with the minions they have focused toward if they want more power toward one then the others. or generalist. maybe upon beating the game, you unlock some extra powers to start on the next time you play like necromancy/clerical magic. The story would consist of the basic, you are playing a child and fall into a cursed crypt or raised by minions of the cave you fall into perhaps the evil boss wipes out your homeland and your the only survivor kinda like a Conan feel (original movie) some years later you come back. NOW I know what your thinking how would the mistress thing work well there are like 4 men and 4 women depending on your playstyle that you could "liberate" so if you wanted an overlord who had just men masters then you could do that regardless of your main character even throwing in some amusing jokes along with like in a Monty Python kinda feel then you could even implement a "sort of" free roam OpenWorld style play. where you could go back and forth between levels that even after beating some of the bad guys come back so you can grind out your life energy (also on that note make life energy that can be used for any kind of minion that is harder to obtain) Just some ideas for you guys at Codemasters hope you do make a 3rd installment. ((If your looking for a guy with a media arts and science BS degree let me know I would love to work with you guys on this particular project but not limited to lots of other work. ))