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  1. PaulNbg

    Noob question

    I don't understand the first question. There's a beep when you drive through the finish line. What's the problem? The second question, if I understood correctly: You can't always drive to the finish at full speed, because of course you have to slow down afterwards.
  2. PaulNbg

    Playstation Plus free game

    Do you still subscribe to PS Plus? Or do you only have a short test subscription? If so, why are you a PS Plus member if you have a bad internet connection?
  3. PaulNbg

    Why can I save only 8 settings?

    I always use the same setup for Wales, New Zealand, Greece and Australia. (For the one faster and short stage in Argentina this also fits). Also for Finland, Poland and Scotland a single setup. When it rains, you always change over to the same setup, (most important here are the brakes) so I don't need to save it.
  4. PaulNbg

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    I have been riding with Mills for a long time and that's the only reason why I tried the German co-driver again. In New Zealand, Argentina and Finland she' s too loud before the start of the race, just because everything is quiet. I Scotland the unimportant announcement before the race is quiet, no matter, but then again too loud during the countdown. During the ride some announcements are louder for meters especially "fifty". So I prefer to continue with Mills. It would be fundamentally better if all co-drivers would speak more quietly before the race than during the race.
  5. PaulNbg

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    The engine is located behind the Driver (rear or mid-rear) in the Renault A110 BMW M1 Procar Speedcar XTREM and Ford OMSE, right? Still displayed incorrectly (front) in the menu. Why wasn't this fixed? One more thing. Could it be that the AI in Scotland is stronger than elsewhere?
  6. PS4 Pro, v.1.14 still this bug After I finished an event in free play this overview was there where you can see all past and future events. When I clicked on "Weiter" (Next) the game crashed (CE-34878-0) before the selection menu for cars appeared.
  7. On gravel you can exaggerate with full throttle and sliding and therefore drifting and fighting against the centrifugal forces with full throttle, because the loose sand and dirt is scraped away, so the tyres get more grip on the firmer surface under the sand. Rear-wheel drive vehicles don't oversteer so fast on gravel, because spinning rear wheels cut a groove and get something to hold on to. On asphalt you should not overstrain the tyres because the grip decreases. This decrease in grip is not noticeable in DR.
  8. I think it is the same physics in Spain as in Germany. But the nice long curves in Spain better expose the not quite realistic tarmac physics of a DR2. This makes this event boring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxvbSJPB4go&t=443s at 7:23 you can see Waldaufstieg (looks much more broken in reality)
  9. PaulNbg

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    An announcement is better in the USA event, where there is this waterhole, there is a left turn later, which becomes narrower and there are boulders outside. Mills now announces louder and warns of the danger.
  10. A small sound bug on the PS4 Pro When you start the game, it is always very quiet and you have to turn up the volume of the TV. But as soon as you go to the sound options in the game, the game immediately gets louder, even though you haven't adjusted anything yet.
  11. When I start the game, the PS4 (Pro) switches to HDR, which causes the colours to pale. DR2 is the only game where I have to turn up the colour of the TV when I start and turn it down when I turn the game off. Every damn time.
  12. And the Group B Audi Quattro S1 E2
  13. I'm going to play WRC 8 and Dakar 18, so you guys keep dealing with Codemasters servers.
  14. Great. Codemasters is making video game history once again.
  15. https://www.deepl.com/translator