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  1. PaulNbg

    Wheels Vs Controllers

    PJTierney can drive very well with controller. He had the setting for steering: Sensitivity: 100 Linearity: 3 Deadzone: 2 I can drive very well with controller. My setting is: Sensitivity: 100 Linearity: 4-5 Deadzone: 3 The biggest mistake that so many make is because they set the deadzone way too high. Slight inaccuracies of 1-2% in the test screen are normal. In Rally, you never go straight. A Gemapad has natural hardware feedback at 0% (even at 100%). The further away you get from that, the less you know how much you are steering. The PS2 controller still had a deadzone in the hardware of about 12%. This was rightly removed later, because it makes precise control impossible.
  2. My setup philosophy is a little different. And I don't use a separate setup for each rally. Greece, Wales, New Zealand and Australia get the same setup: soft suspension because bumpy and vehicle higher because the track edges and jumps are more difficult. Differentials a bit more open (acceleration I always set firmer) because many tight corners. (There are some hard landings because of soft suspension, but it rides smoother). Finland, Scotland and Poland get the same setup: Harder suspension because faster and slightly higher because jumps and/or nasty edges or ditches. Differentials firmer because it's dangerously fast with jumps. Camber Angle more bacause fast. USA gets an extra setup: Very hard suspension because smooth gravel and fast, and lowered Ride Height because fast. Firmer diffenrentials because fast. Camber Angle more bacause fast. For Argentina there is also an extra setup: Open differentials (for acceleration I use firmer ones everywhere, only for RWD you should not exaggerate) and also other settings on oversteer: rear toe angle out. With such a setup it is easier to lose control, but it needs higher speed and jumps, which is rare in Argentina. Soft suspension and higher because bumpy and mostly slow driving. Gears shorter. In Sweden I never have problems with understeer, so here I like to set the setup towards safety=understeer, so I don't lose control at high speed. Brakes weaker and rearward because slippery. Gears longer because little grip. Anti-roll bar softer because little grip. Very soft suspension because bumpy and little grip. Germany is more dangerous to drive than Spain, so in Germany I go more for safety and accept more understeer for that. For Spain just more oversteer, a little harder suspension and a little lower than for Germany. Hard suspension and Anti-Roll Bar is standard for asphalt, because high speed with a lot of grip. In Monaco I mostly (but not always) use the winter tires. With them, I constantly have problems with understeer. So I set the whole setup to oversteer. Suspension softer and Anti-Roll Bar also softer than for soft tires.
  3. PaulNbg

    Wheels Vs Controllers

    Totally agree. That's what I always want to have displayed. I will only ever play with a gamepad, partly because the PS5 controller is even better. However, it will not become a steering wheel, which is why it makes little sense to compare with steering wheel gamers.
  4. We've told them that a hundred times and they haven't done it. But it only matters whether the engine is in front of the driver or behind the driver. The Porsche specification is therefore correct enough. It is wrong for: A110, M1 Procar, OMSE and Speedcar XTREM.
  5. I'm on PS4 and confirm that, it has the old Polo sound in it. Please return the new one.
  6. PaulNbg

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Project Cars 2 has very poor gamepad control compared to Assetto Corsa. This is objectively measurable and provable. Please, Codemasters, don't let the botchers who are responsible for this mess mess around with Dirt Rally. I am surprised that the gamepad handling in PC3 is supposed to be so good now.
  7. PaulNbg

    Version 1.16 Update Discussion

    Only for the short both parts without snow and ice, yes, that was an advantage. And at the long stages?
  8. PaulNbg

    Version 1.16 Update Discussion

    four times Oberstein driven and only the 2nd race was with the Ford. The 1st with the Polo. In the third race I could not beat the Ford, very close, so I had to make a fourth try. I won, but it was very close and I don't know if I can beat the Polo in the 5th with the Ford. default Vehicle Tune works good for tarmac, without driving aids. (I was surprised that the front wheels of the both cars did not lock. I always have the feeling that even in Wales and Grace that the front suspension is set too soft on the R5 cars. For USA, Poland, Finland and Scotland I need even harder springs.)
  9. PaulNbg

    Version 1.16 Update Discussion

    I got the reward screen of the online events and the Ford today only at 5pm.
  10. PaulNbg

    Secondary career mode

    But I have already unlocked all cars with almost all upgrades. These would all be gone again. (I find the AI career mode boring, because later you have to drive 10 stages in the same country and with the same car anyway.)
  11. PaulNbg

    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    Balancing is also very easy. Just add more or less weight and it will drive differently. Or change HP. It doesn't matter if it deviates a little from the real thing. Or is that prohibited because of the licenses? The DS 21 (H1) is completely useless, because the other two are much faster.
  12. PaulNbg

    Tuning tips for more realistic tarmac handling

    @onabike more negative camber on the rear. less antiroll bar on the rear. Reduce slow bump in the rear and possibly also the spring rate in the rear. (for the front the reverse way is possible.) Make sure that the rear brakes do not lock. Also change the setting.
  13. PaulNbg

    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    I just tried it in Finland, had no problems with it, most jumps were well cushioned. Of course you have to put the car higher (Ride Height) and you have to choose the suspension (Spring Rate) harder, about 87 in front and 61 in the rear. (Don't put it on the dumpers (bump), they don't work). In real life drivers do brake before they jump? After all, the vehicle could otherwise be damaged. But we drive with indestructible. It is a Sim.
  14. PaulNbg

    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    The Cosworth is not slow, but the Lancia is certainly faster than the others. The Cosworth is extremely understeering. So I would advise you to turn the differentials very low, except for accelerating. Then there are the other setup options for oversteering.
  15. Tune Vehicle: gradations for braking force and distribution much too coarse. Tire selection recommendations are wrong. There are no online events where you ever need other tires. Always preset SOFT! For time trials, the correct setting is SOFT, but if you choose a rain ride, the default is again medium tires. Why? The new Enginesound for Ford Cosworth is a good job, but unfortunately you don't hear much about it. I have to increase the engine volume for Ford Cossworth by 6 points in the options. Engine position is still displayed incorrectly for four cars: Renault A110, BMW M1 Procar, OMSE, Speedcar Xtreme. Tune Vehicle Suspension (Spring Rate) and Ride Height: -subaru Legacy way too high (Ride Height) for USA and for asphalt rallies it looks completely stupid. -Porsche 911 RGT and Peugeot 306 Maxi bounce through the suspension at every slightest bounce because not high enough or springs too weak. (Shock absorbers (bump) do not work in your game anyway). -Lancia Fulvia HF (H1) has too hard suspension (spring rate) for gravel. Why? DS 21 (H1) too soft for tarmac. In View Replay the sound will play asphalt to gravel incorrectly. In Poland the tires squeal on gravel as if you were driving on asphalt. In Australia, asphalt rushes like on gravel. I've played a lot of time trials the last few days and had to find out that no best times and ghost cars were saved. Why did you not use the data from the online events? small puddles and water streaks without physical effect is a known weakness of the game. (Graphically this is shown well). From another game (Project Cars 2) I feel a slight braking effect on each side when driving through. When braking, I think it should be the other way round, because there is less grip. (Similar effects were achieved well for Monaco Monte Carlo, the different grip is clearly noticeable when speeding up and braking when you drive with one side over an ice surface). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)