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  1. PaulNbg

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    But not with stability control. That only brings advantages. TCS does slow down on gravel, but not on tarmac. It's about having a game that's realistic. That's for fun. But the hardware used also makes the competition unfair. I have to rely on the gamepad. Steering is therefore more difficult and the brakes are difficult to dose accurately. I'm setting ABS to 1. In addition, the view is made much too difficult by rain with the onboard camera.
  2. PaulNbg

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    @Snoopy43 Yes, I also had this bug on the PS4 Pro recently with the new version of the game 1.10 The problem occurs very rarely. I don't know what is triggering it, but you can stop the race before the countdown and then restart it again.
  3. The Ford R5 is still much too low even at maximum height. After every jump the car hits the floor. The "Fast Bump" is the right setting, because the suspension is usually pressed in quickly after a jump? If you adjust the springs on the other hand, it affects both the "Slow Bump" and the "Fast Bump". And on the rebound as well. One cannot turn off the function of a spring, but only prevent an additional amplification by the "Slow Bump, Fast Bump" setting, i.e. set it to -5, or even further amplify +5. In any case, I understand it that way, but I am not an expert either. But all that doesn't matter, because the settings of slow- and fastbump seem like a useless placebo to me. Can you prove that the setting does something? Many setup settings in DR1 are pure fake. DR2 is much better at setup, but I still think "Bump" is fake. Or the effect is so small that it's useless. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  4. PaulNbg

    RAIN in UK

    I haven't had much rain lately. Even night races have become rare. Variety is great, but it doesn't become a better game if you always make everything easier. The fact that the cars are never damaged during the online events has nothing to do with variety. That's just boring and the mechanics are useless and should be fired. (Thank you for that, CM.)
  5. What is not understandable about my statement? There are bumpers in the car-setup menu. What is their function? It would be new to me if only the springs were there, because they also increase the springback, also called rebound. In addition, I only want to dampen the fast Suspension, not the slow.
  6. But in some stages the AI is much better. In Sweden I recently drove well in Group A and was still way down on the list. Better balance wouldn't be bad either. CM has enough time data from the online events.
  7. I think the bumpers are useless in the game. They were already useless in DR1 and Dirt4 and are now useless in DR2. And Finland offers the best proof of that. Some cars are much too low and you can't put them higher.
  8. Fog is actually quite cool, but in the game it's everywhere and too even. It would be better if the fog was only there in some places on the track and then a little stronger. Wasn't that the case in Dirt 4?
  9. PaulNbg

    more save slots for setups?

    You spend far too much time with all the setups. And there are many more events in Dirt Rally2.0 So I prefer to use the same setup for Greece, Wales, New Zealand and Australia. If my philosophy changes regarding the setups, I don't have to correct every single one. For Finland and Poland I also use the same. The other countries get their own. Germany and Spain are also too different. Baumholder gets a softer suspension, a higher body, a longer last gear and a shorter first gear for the hairpin curves. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  10. PaulNbg

    SUV vehicle class

    How about SUV as a new vehicle class for Dirt Rally 2.0? Challenging and a lot of fun to bring these heavy vehicles to the finish on the narrow stages. Three vehicles would be enough for an additional dlc and there might be enough interested buyers.
  11. Yes, thats the question. Drifting on tarmac: Does it make sense in the real rally? And make it sense in Dirt Rally? Because in ordinary racing games it doesn't make any sense. (And why does it make sense on gravel at all? It does, doesn't it?)
  12. PaulNbg

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    My explanation would be Toe-out angle on the front accelerates the reaction, but creates a counter-steering effect as soon as the weight acts on the outer wheel of the curve. Perhaps interesting with rear-wheel drive. Toe-in on the front reduces the reaction, but creates a steering effect as soon as the weight acts on the outside wheel. Perhaps interesting for front-wheel drive vehicles. During high-speed stages and on asphalt, both variants can cause inaccurate steering.
  13. PaulNbg

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    v1.10.1 PS4 The engine of the Lancia Fulvia FH (H1) is much too loud. If you choose the car, you always have to lower the options for engine power each time and then turn it up again. And why is the suspension for gravel so extremely hard that it's even completely lowered, still like asphalt.
  14. PaulNbg

    Carreer !!

    I have no problem at all with the way the career here is designed. (I don't like Dirt 4. I don't like the career there, not the driving physics, not the annoying team management, not the purchased music, and not the stage editor either.) But it's too monotonous for me when the championships get longer and longer, when I just have to drive more and more stages, while other countries aren't there at all. In DR1 you could at least change the car after an event. If CM would just reduce the number of stages (6 are enough for me) and increase the number of countries instead, I would be happy. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator