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  1. No thanks. The overall difficulty level must and will be maintained. A game that includes the rewind-function will require difficult opponents (harder AI), and the developers will implement them, because you can then use this "great" function. This then leads to the fact that you only have to rewind constantly to have any chance at all. Therefore DarkRed: Control yourself a little more and drive slower and more carefully, so that there are no accidents. Please don't add rewinds, Codemasters!!! And another thing : In Dirt Rally you can restart the stage infinitely. In WRC 8/9 on the
  2. Winter tires are not studded tires like in Sweden. In WRC 8 and 9, winter tires are not worthwhile because there are too few snow sections. In WRC 8 in Monte Carlo the grip of the soft tires on ice/snow is similar to that in DR2 with winter tires. In WRC 9, the grip on snow has been increased and I find this unrealistic. If you choose the winter tires in WRC 9, you hardly notice the transition from asphalt to ice/snow. I find that unrealistic. This is slushy snow. On solid ice/snow, Loeb drives even slower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cULSV6LdeFA
  3. What, you play Sebastian Loeb Rally Evolution with a controller? I had this many years ago, (I bought it cheap and it must have been patched long ago,) and found it unplayable because it moved the steering wheel so slowly and sluggishly (almost like in Mudrunner); in DR2's options you can't even set it to be that slow if you set the sensitivity to zero (I set it to 100). How can you play a rally game with it where I have to react at lightning speed. In WRC 8/9 the steering is also too slow, (comparable 40 with DR2,) but SLRE is really a disaster.
  4. On gravel, I find that quite realistic. I think the tires don't lose grip when slipping and they gain something when spinning. But the fact that it works similarly well on asphalt bothers me. If I oversleep a turn, I always try to get the car into the turn by sliding sideways. The braking effect is enormous. (In Assetto Corsa this is not so easy). There is another problem with FWDs on tarmac. If I enter a corner a bit too fast and the car is already understeering, I can still accelerate a bit and this tends to improve the situation, although my feeling tells me that it should rather g
  5. minute 5:50 - rear soft tyres, front hard tyres https://www.redbull.com/int-en/live/fia-world-rally-championship-2021-croatia-saturday-highlights It is possible that a driver chooses different tires for the front and rear. But the reason was not revealed. I always did that in Project Cars 2, soft in the rear and medium in the front, to get the sudden oversteer under control. Conversely, of course, understeer can also be quickly fixed with it. More games should therefore offer this in the setup menu.
  6. How slippery is the snow/ice in Monte Carlo? LOEB onboard Rallye Monte-Carlo, minute 9:23 I ask myself, which tyres could these be? Dirt Rally 2.0 seems to be very realistic in any case.
  7. In principle, one could also formulate it differently: 5km of the track is dry, another 5km completely wet. But I think rain tyres are the better choice. I also forgot to take into account that soft tyres get too little temperature in the rain and are therefore not so good for wet conditions. I guess that with 7 km of dry track and 3 km of wet track, the choice will be difficult in reality.
  8. Let's take the following example in reality If you had to decide one day in advance/before, and for the next rally stage (8km) there was a 50% chance of rain (from the start of the race), which tyres would you rather choose? Because I've claimed earlier loudmouthed that it should be the rain tires. But now I wonder if I have to revise that. Dry tyres also have some profile, they are not slicks. With ordinary wetness, they are perhaps still reasonably clear? On the other hand, it is only a short stage and for rain tyres also on dry well doable? And if the right choice is the ra
  9. How is it with the grip of rain tires on dry in reality? I once heard that newcomers always get rain tyres at practice drives because they can't get the slicks up to temperature. From this I conclude that the grip of rain tires is good even without water. Probably much better than their grip on wet? Would that be the right ranking? 1. soft tyres on dry 2. hard tyres on dry 3. rain tyres on dry 4. rain tyres on wet 5. soft tyres on wet 6. hard tyres on wet Or are rain tyres better than hard tyres on dry surfaces? (What effect does ambient temperature have on this
  10. PJTierney can drive very well with controller. He had the setting for steering: Sensitivity: 100 Linearity: 3 Deadzone: 2 I can drive very well with controller. My setting is: Sensitivity: 100 Linearity: 4-5 Deadzone: 3 The biggest mistake that so many make is because they set the deadzone way too high. Slight inaccuracies of 1-2% in the test screen are normal. In Rally, you never go straight. A Gemapad has natural hardware feedback at 0% (even at 100%). The further away you get from that, the less you know how much you are steering. The PS2 controller still had a
  11. My setup philosophy is a little different. And I don't use a separate setup for each rally. Greece, Wales, New Zealand and Australia get the same setup: soft suspension because bumpy and vehicle higher because the track edges and jumps are more difficult. Differentials a bit more open (acceleration I always set firmer) because many tight corners. (There are some hard landings because of soft suspension, but it rides smoother). Finland, Scotland and Poland get the same setup: Harder suspension because faster and slightly higher because jumps and/or nasty edges or ditches. Differential
  12. Totally agree. That's what I always want to have displayed. I will only ever play with a gamepad, partly because the PS5 controller is even better. However, it will not become a steering wheel, which is why it makes little sense to compare with steering wheel gamers.
  13. We've told them that a hundred times and they haven't done it. But it only matters whether the engine is in front of the driver or behind the driver. The Porsche specification is therefore correct enough. It is wrong for: A110, M1 Procar, OMSE and Speedcar XTREM.
  14. I'm on PS4 and confirm that, it has the old Polo sound in it. Please return the new one.
  15. When I start the game, the PS4 (Pro) switches to HDR, which causes the colours to pale. DR2 is the only game where I have to turn up the colour of the TV when I start and turn it down when I turn the game off. Every damn time.
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