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  1. Browngasm

    crash when trying to continue event/career

    ah nice, thanks for following up and calling them touns!
  2. Browngasm

    crash when trying to continue event/career

    So i just tried to reset and still cannot resolve the issue. - profile menu, reset progress. Still tries to give me daily challenge reward and crashes. -profile menu reset all, got a new message about discrepancy between racenet / local saying it would be reset. However again click career and it tries to give rewards and crashes. - disabled steam cloud, went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\43479409\690790\remote, backed up the saves and then deleted them. When i opened the game it said profile corrupt! create new save? yes!! i create new save, new driver name etc, go to career and again i receive daily rewards and it crashes haha. i deleted profile folder from steam\userdata, uninstalled game, reinstalled, same issue. I have no idea i guess only codemasters can resolve? i dont understand where its pulling the data from? racenet? Pretty ridiculous situation. savegame@profile#NXDSMWW.BWW savegame@profile#QKRHMYXE savegame@profile_backup#NXDSMWW.BWW savegame@profile_backup#QKRHMYXE
  3. Browngasm

    crash when trying to continue event/career

    hey, there is no associated entry in windows event log for this crash.
  4. Hey, I have been playing the game having a lot of fun last 3-4 days, i was in the middle of a H2 event and when i go to continue the game today it crashes to desktop when i click the event main menu.I receive an event reward then it just crashes to desktop each time. Any ideas? corrupted save/racenet profile? cant start a new because everytime i click event it gives reward and crashes. Access violation at address 0x4b063082 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x203082. dirtrally2.exe this is last thing i see: CrashRpt-Log-20190419-170135-{bdb81387-bd4c-4544-8d68-40e41f4f0398}.txt crashdump.dmp crashrpt.xml CrashRpt-Log-20190419-180126-{e576c3c3-d5ec-4f07-a809-cf0cf777c838}.txt