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  1. Any reason why we cant get the full 20 car leaderboard (or 22 if you're playing My Team mode)? This seems like such a simple add on and would certainly help to know what the rest of the field is running for tires. Im tired of just seeing the two cars ahead and behind me.
  2. Same... microscopic damage (yet could see it in the video replay) and nothing on the damage screen. Got notification from Jeff however that a new strategy was available. That was my hint that I banged something up.
  3. Im sure this will be a rather quick fix in the following months. They have to fix the new corner in Spain, and Abu Dhabi will have multiple corner changes to look forward to as well.
  4. Ok... I had this issue too and began searching for solutions. Turns out this isn't a glitch. Most (if not all of us) run the race simulation first and then the tyre management sim second. Naturally, they come in that order on the menu. Most of us that know what we're doing get both of those sims done in FP1. Here's the thing... when you go out and do the tyre management sim second within the same practice session - you're going out on the same set of tires you used for the race sim and you've already ran them into the yellow wear zone. So, EVEN if you score purple on the tyre sim, those
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