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  1. I play on Xbox one x, Phobos BFG is my GT and I bought the 1000+250 bonus credit offer on the store page. I contacted Microsoft and spent hours troubleshooting and trying to get answers so they told me come here. I have the receipt for the transaction. I restarted the game multiple times, removed my account readded it etc. Usually a game will show a notification as soon as you buy currency and come back into the game but I haven’t received any at all. My currency is still at where it was and hasn’t changed yet. I’ll give it 24 hours before actually calling support because I’m not wasting the rest of my Friday. I just want to know if anyone else has had this issue. If so has anyone figured out a fix? I was wondering if OWNING the game would do anything? I got 3 month game pass because it’s included on game pass. I used 10$ Microsoft credit to buy 7.50$ purchase. Those are the only two oddities I can think of relating to this error in ONRUSH.