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  1. Late update. There is an xml which solves some of the problems. But still the car would steer and rev. But handbrake was stuck! I´ll paste the code below. My sollution was to exhange the Logitech software for the newer Logitech G hub. Now it works flawless! XML sollution: First, open the file "lg_g27.xml" inside the "input" folder where Grid Autosport its installed: Example: C:\Program Files\Grid Autosport\Input\lg_g27.xml Make a backup of this file. next, replace the contents inside of this file with the code below _________________________________________________________________________ <!-- Action map for the Logitech G29 --> <ActionMap name="lg_g29" device_type="{C24F046D-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" priority="0"> <!-- In Game Actions --> <Action id="Accelerate"> <Axis id="di_y_axis" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Brake"> <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Handbrake"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Steer Left"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Steer Right"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Change View"> <Axis id="di_button_10" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear Up"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear Down"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 1"> <Axis id="di_button_12" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 2"> <Axis id="di_button_13" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 3"> <Axis id="di_button_14" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 4"> <Axis id="di_button_15" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 5"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 6"> <Axis id="di_button_17" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 7"> </Action> <Action id="Gear Reverse"> <Axis id="di_button_18" /> </Action> <Action id="Clutch"> <Axis id="di_slider_0" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.1" saturation="0.8" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Left"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_left" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Right"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_right" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Up"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_up" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Down"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_down" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Back"> <Axis id="di_button_11" /> </Action> <Action id="Pause"> <Axis id="di_button_6" /> </Action> <Action id="Instant Replay"> <Axis id="" /> </Action> <Action id="Boost"> <Axis id="" /> </Action> <Action id="Reset Vehicle"> <Axis id="di_button_3" /> </Action> <!-- FE Actions --> <Action id="Menu Left"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_left" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Right"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_right" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Up"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_up" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Down"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_down" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Select"> <Axis id="di_button_0" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Back"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Button3"> <Axis id="di_button_1" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Button4"> <Axis id="di_button_3" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Start Button"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Left Shoulder"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Right Shoulder"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak Left"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak Right"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak In"> <Axis id="di_y_axis" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak Out"> <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <!-- Replay/Youtube Actions --> <Action id="Replay Rewind"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Fast Forward"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> <Axis id="di_y_axis" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Pause"> <Axis id="di_button_0" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Next Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Prev Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Jump In"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Exit"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay UI On Off"> <Axis id="di_button_1" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Youtube"> <Axis id="di_button_15" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Drag Left"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Drag Right"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Speed Up"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_up" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Speed Down"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_down" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Upload"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Exit"> <Axis id="di_button_18" /> </Action> <!-- Spectator Actions --> <Action id="Spectator Next Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Spectator Previous Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Spectator UI On Off"> <Axis id="di_button_1" /> <Axis id="di_button_22" /> </Action> <Action id="Spectator List On Off"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Cycle Forward On Board Cameras"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Activate Replay System"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> </ActionMap> _________________________________________________________________________________________________