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  1. Gonira

    Time difference AI difficulty level

    I don't have an exact quantification for this, but it's definitely more than 0.5 seconds per 10 points. I'd guess it's something around 1 second or a little more, on average, but it depends on the track. You can check it out yourself in Grand Prix mode. Go into a short quali, accelerate time until the end and check the pole position time. Then change difficulty and do this again to compare.
  2. Gonira

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    If I'm not mistaken, they also need to get authorization from the parts involved to make these changes, so it's not that simple.
  3. Gonira

    Is My Team too easy?

    That's a good point. Someone driving in a bottom 3 team would never get 14 point finishes in his first season. I don't know if it's easy or not too, but if AI difficulty is lower than it should, you will certainly get more than your fair share of R&D points, then reaching and mantaining dominance will be much easier.
  4. Gonira

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    Regular is awfully lenient. I don't really see use in having anything more forgiving than it. Actually, I'd like a middle ground between regular and strict, because the latter is far too damn strict. At the end, neither option is realistic, for opposite reasons.
  5. Gonira

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    I don't know. How does this compare to your results in other tracks? Maybe you're right. I've watched some career mode episodes from youtubers and most of them seem to get unusually great results in Singapore, even more so than in Austria. Elmo's chart and my first comparison against leaderboards also pointed to it being the most unbalanced track this year. I haven't raced there though to see how it would go to me.
  6. Gonira

    New liveries and sponsors

    Chill. I just amplified your opinion a bit so I could use my meme.
  7. Gonira

    My engineers are not excited by my performance

    I'm not excited by your difficulty level. Raise it. It's not because it's 75 out of a vacuum, but because your results prove this is too easy for you. Maybe Jeff agrees with me?
  8. Gonira

    New liveries and sponsors

    In all seriousness, I really don't care about this. I don't believe including the sponsors would destroy families but I'm okay with Codies omitting them just to be safe (or for whatever other reason). The only thing I'm annoyed at TBH is dshepsman's post:
  9. With a sample size of two races, being slightly slower than teammate in quali and slightly faster in the race, my impressions are: All the programmes are quite easy, with the exception of quali program, which is impossibly hard.
  10. Gonira

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    I agree with you. Small deviations on AI are to be expected, but I doubt they will be as significant as our own better pace on the tracks we love and poor pace on the tracks we hate. At least this was sort of my conclusion after my comparisons with the leaderboards. Now I'm making another experiment as I play my season. Just after the practice and qualifying sessions (so I'm well trained on the track already), I jump out of my career and run a short quali in grand prix mode as Norris, running six hot laps (two for each soft tyre set). Then I adjust difficulty on that track so that Sainz is as close to my best lap as possible, but not faster. This is just out of curiosity, I'm not actually changing anything on my career difficulty based on this (I decided to play at fixed level 83 for now). Before starting my career, I did this in China, Spain and Brazil, after running a fair bit of time trial laps. So far my results are: Australia: 85 Bahrein: 86 China: 84 Spain: 74 Brazil: 87 From other people's feedback, I know Spain is known to be on the balanced side when it comes to AI performance, but I can't get the track, so I'm much slower there. If I didn't know any better, I'd say AI there is unbalanced. But it's not the case.
  11. Gonira

    Steering Wheel Range

    360 on my G29's profile. I don't change anything in the game.
  12. Gonira

    New liveries and sponsors

    Yes we do! Não aguenta, bebe leite!
  13. Gonira

    F1 2020 - How do you play?

    I don't have time for this too. I just use one of the 5 default setups. For Monaco I'd use the one called Maximum Downforce. Dedication for perfect setups makes sense in a multiplayer competitive scenario, but on single player we're playing for fun.
  14. Gonira

    What camera do you use?

    If I'm playing any game with a wheel, I'm playing it always on cockpit cam with as close to a mathematically correct FOV as possible. So for me is cockpit cam, MINIMUM FOV, +0.50 vertical offset, +0.05 angle, camera shake, camera movement and look to apex all off. I play in a 34" ultrawide monitor sitting 2.5 feet away from my face. It just feels like sitting in the real car, it's awesome. And with the godsend addition of a virtual mirror this year, this setup is finally playable for wheel-to-wheel racing. Thank you so much for this, Codies. Halo column is on, it doesn't bother me. HUD is on, because my wheel is mostly cut out of the screen and I need the info. Minimap off, driver tags off.