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  1. Gonira

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    What I want: - A VIRTUAL MIRROR, FOR GOD'S SAKE! - The AI adapting their pit strategy to safety car and wheater (prolonging a stint if it's about to rain/pitting earlier to take advantage of the SC when it is deployed). - More race distance options (a slider, maybe?), the ability to choose how we want tyre wear to be scaled.
  2. Gonira

    Question regarding damage settings.

    I've been using Reduced damage for the first eight races of my first season. I'm making the switch to Full, but definitely won't try Simulation, as even on Reduced, IMO it's still relatively easy to damage the front wing. Well, what I can say is I had both my practice and racing gearboxes missing gears when wear was at the 70's, so I think you should be fine.