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  1. This method is better than nothing, but it's not objective, not much reliable (we can improve a lot after the first practice on a track we just started to learn, not so much if we're already familiar to it) and it's a total pain to do this ourselves. Yes, there is some reason for these inconsistencies, but once these inconsistencies are found, it shouldn't be too hard to fix them with a workaround like the one I suggested, yet they never do it, and this is crucial for a good experience, Codies should just care more.
  2. Every iteration of the F1 games has its own share of issues, but there's one issue which appears on ALL the games, year in year out: the AI is too fast in some tracks and too slow in others, or too slow/fast on the wet, compared to the dry. This is not a thread for moaning about this, it's a suggestion to Codemasters. In a game that revolves around a career mode (which is great), one of the things that is most detrimental to the experience is not being able to achieve a consistent challenge against the AI. You never know when you win or when you lose if this is because of your actual performance or because of poor balancing of the game. And really, this KILLS everything else, the whole competition becomes kinda meaningless. Now, Codies have a whole bunch of leaderboards (and probably test players) to objectively know what is a good laptime from a human player on every track, on the dry and on the wet, and how they compare to the AI. And we as players have 111 difficulty levels to pick from, so it shouldn't be too hard to compare these laps, do some basic maths and tell the AI to drive on problematic tracks like if they were, for example, 5 or 10 difficulty levels above or below the baseline. The same for the wet. Is AI too fast on the wet? Well, program them to be X difficulty leves below as soon as it starts raining. This is all in the game already (the difficulty levels), all it takes is some scripts to balance it when needed. In my experience, Codies AI historically seem to always have trouble on tracks with long sweeping turns, while they're beasts on street tracks. This kind of fundamental behaviour is not that easy to fix (I guess), but some sort of "brute force" difficulty adjustment is way simpler, and it could counter these inconsistencies in a very satisfactory way, with no user input. Please, think about it.