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  1. So to start off i want to say that i am by far not the best driver and 2018 is my first game since 2012. I just finished my first Season (1st Renault, then Mercedes) and i noticed that in Qualifying the Ai is kinda op. By this i don't meant the normal (dry) qualifying but when it starts to rain lightly. The ai is out on dry tyres and do perfect times or maybe a sec slower than in perfect dry conditions meanwhile i have to basicly already have to drive on INT because otherwise i struggle alot and just slide around in dry tyres. Am i the only one with this problem and do i just suck at the game or what is the problem? The 2nd thing is about rain in general. I find that the ai just has a perfect setup for both dry and wet weather(even full wets). I also wonder why the ai appears to have abs since they brake with full power and don't have anything like wheellock etc. In general i (and many others) just don't enjoy rain at all, normally i have alot of fun playing the game and 100% races but in rain it is just that it is a struggle and i just want to quit the game and never play it again