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  1. It wasn't listed, but a possible solution to the Tire Choice Dilemma I've posted before, that also deals with abrasive cuts without having to place massive warp zones everywhere: Soft tires should still provide the best performance, but should degrade extremely quickly if they hit off-road. That means, if you want to go the fastest, you also want to go the cleanest. Medium tires should be more resilient than Softs, but still risk a puncture after generous off-road riding. Hard tires are obviously very resilient, even to off-road driving, but at the cost of performance. Begi
  2. When every game released in 2019 releases a "Game of the Year" edition, lol. Well, I guess they couldn't call it "How It Should Have Released" edition.
  3. VR users are a tiny fraction of any playerbase, even including VR-friendly (aka not vomit inducing) games such as driving. I can totally understand why Dirt Rally is the prime candidate for VR support, even though I don't own VR myself. However, I would sacrifice VR over basically any other feature on my list - deeper singleplayer, deeper multiplayer, more content or better graphics - especially if VR will "come later". Even within features that only apply to additional hardware, I'll take a working FFB over VR support.
  4. Yet again, you are not responding to what I've actually written, but to the imaginary argument you've made up in your head. I have stated clearly - just because Dirt 4 was a failure, does not mean every random stage system is a failure. That's like saying every Alien game will always be bad, because Alien: Colonial Marines exists. I really don't think level designers from Codies believe it's a good idea to have a stage with tons of large jumps, water splashes, extreme turns and elevation changes, because at some point it'll look silly. Most of the stages have one or two "extreme" momen
  5. You should realize that there have been random track generators - in Rally games - as early as PlayStation 1. Even back then the designers knew, that having a set selection of stages puts a huge clock of waning relevance on the game, because you don't even have other cars to make each run unique. Just because there's ONE game that did it poorly, does not mean it cannot be done right - I mean, the best selling game of all times is procedurally generated. I would argue that the tracks are varied enough, but if you want longer stages, then you'll just get less of them. There's a limit to how
  6. GENERAL Random track generator OR a track editor This is a big one. Dirt Rally has a special "advantage" - lack of official stages. That makes this series a perfect candidate for innovation in that regard. Truth is, tracks are a consumable. At some point you learn them and they stop being surprising. If Dirt Rally 3 wants to avoid the plague of a comical amount of DLC tracks and two season passes, it should spend the time and effort to come up with a truly revolutionary random track generator. It can still have DLC, don't worry, but these can be of cars and countries, rather than t
  7. Is there a good track record for that though? Dirt Rally 2.0 has almost exactly the same championship structure (with a repetitive singleplayer and the daily/weekly/monthly spread), it has all the previous cars and obviously all DLC rally tracks have been from the previous game. The driving is certainly different, but the game itself is not a revolution nor an evolution. More like Dirt Rally 1.9. The stage is set. New engine, VR support from Day 1, actual "hardcore" damage, an online ladder system, randomized stages done well, team management and upgrades that aren't brainless timesinks,
  8. True, but also we are not driving the stage a couple of times a year, we're driving it hundreds of times. And we don't have a ton of absolutely random elements that can affect a stage - surface wear and weather are a good start, but they're nowhere close to reality. Random stages are not a secret technology, we had them at least since PS1. Obviously they need a lot more work to bring them to 2020s standards, but they're absolutely essential to making Dirt Rally 3.0 NOT rely on comically large amounts of DLC updates to keep the game fresh. Since Codies don't even have a licence for these s
  9. I don't think this address my concerns - a demo is a way for a single customer to test if they want to purchase a piece of content or not - if a significant number of them don't purchase the game, because it appears they have to spend an additional 50%-100% of the initial price to get all DLCs, then demoing is not a part of the equation. I think, for a casual observer, it looks like the game is nickel-and-dimed and many comments/reviews online already mention DLCs as a big negative (especially with the optics of reusing old content, though I don't agree with that at all). If you're not
  10. Sorry, but that's exactly how it works. Game projects work on schedules and roadmaps, I would be extremely surprised if content for Season 4 wasn't being worked on as we speak, if it's planned at all. Regardless, you are clinging to a minor argument. Whether this content was made prior to game's release or not is irrelevant, what matters is the optics of a game filled with minor DLC. You can't feel it if you're enjoying D+, but it looks absolutely repulsive on a storefront. It's not impossible. Free DLC is not an invention we haven't stumbled upon yet as a species, it's here and it w
  11. I have the Deluxe Edition (and I assume many others so as well), so the DLC doesn't really affect me, or at least I paid for it upfront. But if this game gets Season 3 and even 4, the amount of DLC available alongside the game will leave a poor taste in new player's mouth. While the game is on sale, the price of the DLC is nearly equal to the price of the base game, which is ridiculous. When in Season 2, the price of Season 1 content should be permanently 50% off. When we go into Season 3, same should happen to Season 2 and Season 1 content should become free. This way, DiRT Rally 2.0 bec
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