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  1. Yaggings

    Something is coming...

    True, but also we are not driving the stage a couple of times a year, we're driving it hundreds of times. And we don't have a ton of absolutely random elements that can affect a stage - surface wear and weather are a good start, but they're nowhere close to reality. Random stages are not a secret technology, we had them at least since PS1. Obviously they need a lot more work to bring them to 2020s standards, but they're absolutely essential to making Dirt Rally 3.0 NOT rely on comically large amounts of DLC updates to keep the game fresh. Since Codies don't even have a licence for these stages, they're prime candidates for using innovation as a selling point.
  2. Yaggings

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I understand the disappointment/anger at the fact that cuts have made it to the championship - but I do not understand displaying anger at those that use them. There is no actual rally skill at display here - just muscle memory, repeating the same line you've driven hundreds of times on the same track. As such, a cut is just another line you have to learn. In a game about learning the track, I find it weird that you might get angry at someone finding a better route and using it.
  3. Yaggings

    The Pacenotes Thread

    I won't, because it's pointless and unproductive. Codies won't just re-record entire co-driver tracks, because some people feel like a turn doesn't qualify as "short", or a long 1 should actually be a hairpin. Codies MIGHT re-record a line or two, if it's ridiculously wrong or flat-out missing. This is what we can actually count on.
  4. Yaggings

    The Pacenotes Thread

    This thread had a lot of potential - some tracks have straight up missing notes, in some cases there's also a bug where pace notes "cut out", as if the co-driver can't keep up and skips a note or two. Unfortunately, it's just one dude spamming his "better notes". It's useless and unhelpful.
  5. Yaggings

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I assume one of the reasons this isn't being fixed immediately (and assuming CM's engine in decent, this is a day worth of job), is because there are a lot of politics that have to be tackled - suddenly, you have to reset all times, because the track is technically different; everyone has to download a new track, which could be a pain in the ass, etc etc The bigger issue here is that this isn't some random exploit. Simply turn off the grass and you'll see that, in most stages, the playable area is way wider than you might think. The off-road grip also isn't half bad and it's usually extremely flat and forgiving (as can be seen on cuts here). I mean, falling onto a field of potatoes should basically stop your car and possibly total your suspension. Smaller cuts should be addressed with additional rocks and other dangerous terrain. But that would mean everyone has to basically redownload the game and lose all of their times.
  6. Yaggings

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    And anyone working on video games would know, that producing release-quality content with an outset of "maybe we'll use it" doesn't happen even in the most amateur of studios. You'll never hear a producer say "this person/team will produce /model/ within two weeks, it'll cost us $xxxx, lets do it just in case". Most content gets cut because, while it was expected to be ready for release, it was left unfinished - usually due to designer/producer error. We already know that they had a Subaru ready prior to release - there's absolutely nothing weird about it, most DLC is usually ready, at least in prototype, before release. But the correlation between cost of making a model and cost of releasing it isn't in any way 1:1. And that's all omitting the fact that, as an informed and non-delusional consumer, you should not factor the raw cost of producing a good into your purchase decision - only about getting good bang for your buck. After all, you are not a charity.
  7. Yaggings

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    The question doesn't make much sense - ask it here, and you'll get a bunch of people praising the ability to pay over $120 for a full game. Ask it in the Steam forums and you'll get a bunch of people saying this game is a rip-off. The real question is - which of these groups is larger and can realistically affect the income of Codies? Well, consult the Steam reviews and Steamcharts. Releasing maps as paid DLC is a pretty 2010's move, a time when every little piece of content was locked behind a paywall, a season pass and maybe a preorder bonus. With the rise of free-to-plays and increased consumer awareness, it became apparent that updating the game and keeping it alive isn't a granted privilege, but should be expected from a quality developer. Monetizing is one thing, but keeping the game fresh is another. On one part, I am feeling for Codemasters. There is literally no way of continuously monetizing a game like that without nickel-and-diming the customer on every little part of content you produce. You can't even do the gracious thing and release a $30 "expansion" with exactly the same content, because one - "expansions" suggest new mechanics and significant improvements, not just iterating old gameplay; and two - if you've released an unfinished game, then you must rush to both repair it and keep the interest of those that can overlook its flaws. But on the other, they've made their bed. They've been making these types of games for over two decades and they should be familiar with its traps. DiRT Rally 2.0 is in no way revolutionary, it is what it says in the title - "DiRT Rally second version".
  8. Because I would expect a Dirt Rally 2.0 player to have more wit than someone buying Battlefield, CoD, or any other "AAA" game that does multiple season passes. Maybe I'm wrong. But given that there's a lot of people already complaining about DLC, doubling-down on it with a second pass would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot. If that's the case, then I'm not seeing a bright future here. I definitely won't be paying additional cash on top of the Deluxe Edition.
  9. Question is - at which point will further seasons prove to be unprofitable? I can't imagine there are many users buying every single DLC over just purchasing the Deluxe Edition, and each Deluxe Edition purchase is one less reason to put out DLC, since it increases the amount of people that get it for free. There are three possible outs - either nothing changes, the amount of DLC will grow until all support stops at some point; or Codies introduce a "second season pass" (pretty hard to sell, given that we're on the third season, but that's what a lot of games do). Or there is some massive change to the DLC structure, which I'm definitely hoping for.
  10. Yaggings

    tips for the faster stages

    Just came to say that co-pilot is not consistent with what he means by "6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" etc. It seems to depends on how fast he expects you to drive, so a 3 on a fast section can be a 5 if it's right behind a corner you'd slow down for anyway. Poland is especially notorious for "fast" sections that you should not keep your throttle on 100% of the time. Unless it's a "flat" left or right, you need to slow down (unless you know the turn by hand). If it's a 5, then it's probably dangerous - on the other hand, most 4s are quite chill, given the speeds they appear on.
  11. Yaggings

    tips for next rally game

    "Laser scanning" is not magic - take that from someone who scanned objects for a video game. If there was a magic workaround to producing a large amount of stages, I'm sure CM would use it already. Actual solutions include modding, some sort of a stage editor and/or stage randomizer. I would really like to see some effort put into a very robust stage editor (with track modeling, rather than pre-made pieces) and then using that system to randomize stages.
  12. Yaggings

    DiRTy Gossip

    I don't think this address my concerns - a demo is a way for a single customer to test if they want to purchase a piece of content or not - if a significant number of them don't purchase the game, because it appears they have to spend an additional 50%-100% of the initial price to get all DLCs, then demoing is not a part of the equation. I think, for a casual observer, it looks like the game is nickel-and-dimed and many comments/reviews online already mention DLCs as a big negative (especially with the optics of reusing old content, though I don't agree with that at all). If you're not willing to get out of the perception of a player with the Season Pass and look at it from a new customer's perspective, you might not see it. Codies can still sell new DLC, support the game and release old content for free, these things aren't mutually exclusive. But we're in the age of F2P games with constant updates, free DLC in AAA titles, consumers pushing back against in-game purchases. In this context, DiRT Rally 2's monetization looks outdated.
  13. Yaggings

    DiRTy Gossip

    Sorry, but that's exactly how it works. Game projects work on schedules and roadmaps, I would be extremely surprised if content for Season 4 wasn't being worked on as we speak, if it's planned at all. Regardless, you are clinging to a minor argument. Whether this content was made prior to game's release or not is irrelevant, what matters is the optics of a game filled with minor DLC. You can't feel it if you're enjoying D+, but it looks absolutely repulsive on a storefront. It's not impossible. Free DLC is not an invention we haven't stumbled upon yet as a species, it's here and it works. I understand Codies want to make a buck from new content, so I don't have a problem with that - I simply don't want this game to look like a Train/Truck simulator at some point, with hundreds of $s in DLC.
  14. Yaggings

    DiRTy Gossip

    I have the Deluxe Edition (and I assume many others so as well), so the DLC doesn't really affect me, or at least I paid for it upfront. But if this game gets Season 3 and even 4, the amount of DLC available alongside the game will leave a poor taste in new player's mouth. While the game is on sale, the price of the DLC is nearly equal to the price of the base game, which is ridiculous. When in Season 2, the price of Season 1 content should be permanently 50% off. When we go into Season 3, same should happen to Season 2 and Season 1 content should become free. This way, DiRT Rally 2.0 becomes a better and better package with time for first-time buyers and the price of the paid DLCs remains the same at all times. It also shows a commitment to further support the game with more updates and more seasons. Lets be honest, most of this content was already finished before the release and is waiting to be put behind a paywall. A ton of negative reviews on Steam mention the DLCs and, given that it's the only thing potential buyers can actually check and see (by looking at the amount and price), it works as an immediate deterrent.
  15. Yaggings

    New rain effects

    //wrong thread