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  1. giortrov

    Frustrating... don't buy it.

    Thanks for the advice. You should, however, explain to me how AI works. In all stages in arcade mode I have a delay of about 30/40 seconds compared to the first, except for Monte Carlo where I have, in all tests, the best time with an advantage of 20/30 seconds over the second. How is that possible? That it became a phenomenon only in that rally? Something definitely doesn't add up. Hello and thanks again Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  2. Hello everyone I bought the game two months ago trusting the reviews read online and as for the graphics and the performance of the ground conditions I have nothing to object. But I detect a big flaw with regard to the AI that, not being able to set according to their skills, makes the advancement of the game in career mode impossible for those who, like me, play only occasionally. It 's extremely frustrating to always run the same stages in vain hope of overcoming the degree "open", while having trimmed the car following the advice of those who have stratospheric times and going all the way with major collisions impossible, for my driving level, to avoid. I CAN NO LONGER 'TO RUN ALWAYS WITH THE FULVIA HF For this reason I decided that, in the future, I will not buy more CODEMASTERS games that are aimed at players who, blessed them, spend the whole day trying again to file seconds. WANT TO SET THE LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY 'to play who, like me, is a real slap? Hurray WRC7 and look forward to the release of 8 George Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  3. giortrov

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    That's great..... Keep it up. Because like me, tuning doesn't understand anything, your settings are a godsend. The ones I tried are perfect except for the LANCIA FULVIA in Spain which is absolutely unguidable. Thanks for everything
  4. Chiedo se è possibile impostare il livello di difficoltà in modalità carriera. Sono all'inizio e, regolarmente, prendo, quando tutto va bene, almeno 30 secondi per testare. Per me è impossibile, oltre che estremamente frustrante, non poter continuare in questa modalità. Basterebbe impostare il livello di difficoltà in principianti, dilettanti, esperti e professionisti e regolare l'intelligenza artificiale in modo tale che anche chi, come me, non sia un fenomeno può divertirsi e avere soddisfazione. Grazie Tradotto con www.DeepL.com/Translator