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  1. DAR67

    strange things!!!

    Or my personal favorite, getting crashed out of a duel sprint race BEFORE the race even starts.
  2. DAR67


    Thanks, despite the frustrations with this game noted by everyone it's really a great game and requires a high level of skill. I keep flip flopping back and forth between low steering assist and no steering assist (I have all other assists off). On my first run I used the former, but now I use the latter. The advantage I see with it on is that you bounce back from contact much better with some assist on, and contact is unavoidable whether it's the bots or the bashers. The disadvantage is that it's harder to pass when you are being pulled to the line. One suggestion I'd make for an improvement is a functioning rear view mirror, so then I can see if some basher is coming from behind right into me and maybe do something about it. Another suggestion is instead of having 3 PI setups how about being able to change the options for the race. I'd like to turn on steering and maybe stability assist for qualifying races and turn them off for other races.
  3. DAR67

    Qualifying Ghosts

    Make them more transparent would help, it can be hard to line up a turn when the view is blocked. I guess you could change the camera view before the race, but I don't really like that outside view. It can also be distracting when the opponent is weaving all over the place and cycling between ahead and behind.
  4. DAR67


    Due to problems with my device I had to reload the game from scratch. I was at 3,800 points and now I can't get past 2200. Super frustrating. I got to league 2 in no time without losing hardly any duels, but now it's win one, lose one. Can't figure it out. Could it be that I got to league 2 so fast that I don't have the performance rating to compete? The car's rating is about half of what is was the first time around. I was able to beat people with 7,800 points, now I'm getting crushed by people with 1,700 points. I have no clue. By the way, I agree the Baku event was super difficult. I was only able to qualify to start 12th with my measly 2200 points, and needed to get to 9th in the first duel. I had to try 30 times to get to the first turn holding off two bots and carry enough speed to redline through first corner, pass one bot and and get a couple of more before they all got away. Then I had to be perfect the rest of the way, and still block the bots like mad for 3 laps. I did it but I don't know how.
  5. DAR67

    Best Setup?

    I'll try that. Singapore is a pretty good track, just don't say Monte Carlo - I'd be better off taking a donkey cart around that track.
  6. DAR67

    Best Setup?

    I read a lot about areo, so I ran a test. I'm at about 3,800 points, drive with all assists off, and the car is at about 1200 performance rating. I picked Hockenheimring, a track I know well, and ran a series of 5 lap qualifying races in single mode. I went full areo, full handling, full power, full lightweight, balanced set up, and one race with no parts at all (0 performance rating). I compared the best lap for each set up. There was virtually no difference, except for the last setup which was about 7 seconds slower. Full areo was the best lap but it was only about .02 seconds faster than the balanced - within the margin of error. I certainly respect what people with a lot more experience and success than I have are saying, but I'm just not seeing a big difference with set up?