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  1. Wow. The problem with this dumb, childish argument (aside from the fact that you're whining about what you perceive legitimate complaints to be, which is apparently whining. The irony.) is that it's like the game was called Dirt Rally and Some Dumb Seal Stuff 2.0. The ball physics genuinely need a lot of work, though you goofuses seem to be experts on how they should handle, and people pointing out that it seems like we'll have to wait for 3.0 to even get new seals or have them behave realistically have valid concerns. I'm glad you lot can just rip $60/80/100+ in half and then laugh at people who, for some strange reason, selfishly want the seal and ball to represent the real thing in some way. The fact that World Rally & Some Dumb Seal Stuff 8 is siphoning so many players away really says a lot about not only their commitment to the bare minimum level of realism, but the fact that the couple awesome people who work there that want to see the ability to adjust Tyre Friction and Ball Friction and have the FFB (Force Feedball) behave realistically is at odds with the dumb corporate structure and perceived attitude of "Who cares that we promised X or said we would be working on Y further, this is just the first step, the game is what it is unless we can make money off it. We can't/won't be bothered to address any of this. Maybe we'll fix it in the neeeeext one though ; D" I friggin love Codemasters E> and will forever appreciate them making Dirt Rally 1. But the way 2.0 is turning out to be, and how easily it could BE AMAZING is way more frustrating than if they had just made a garbage game like WRC 1-7 or Dirt 4