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  1. oxphere92

    Logitech G920 lacking FFB settings on Xbox

    Wow....this is, almost a deal breaker. I googled all over and never found this answer. That would explain it. So I'm stuck having to jack up self aligning torque, nearly breaking the table to which my wheel is affixed, while anytime the FFB is not active I can spin the thing around like a numb, useless pirate ship wheel. Orrrrr I can spend 500 or so dollars on a gaming computer. I'm heartbroken to learn this. I preordered the most expensive edition. Only time I've ever done so. Thanks codies. I watched as you made dirt 4 and either didn't listen to the community or simply refused/weren't allowed to fix the fact that, say, you can turn a powerful rwd car all the way to the right at a dead standstill, floor the clutch and the gas, sidestep the clutch and....glug, understeer, grip, no slide no nothing, and I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt because of how good the games you make are. Even though you guys did say "oh it'll be just like dirt rally, except with a bunch more content : D I won't cry and say I'll boycott and that you'll never see another dollar from me. It doesn't make a difference and I still appreciate that you made the game. Besides, you already have my money, and I have no choice there are no alternative games. Thanks for answering my question. This is sad, and unfortunate
  2. Hello all, first post here. I can't take it anymore. I loooove this game, and there's no acceptable alternative sim to it. I have an Xbox One (OG, not the S or X), and my wheel works just fine on both that and PC. Assetto Corsa Forza 7 Dirt Rally 1 etc etc all sing along smoothly. However, both Dirt Rally 1 and 2 do not have the Tyre Friction or Wheel Friction settings in the menu. They do on the PC versions, but Dirt Rally 2 won't run on my pc sadly. They're not greyed out, they're simply not there. Massively strange. Here is a screenshot. I really hope this can be fixed or answered, and my hope that an update would fix it has not come to fruition. I don't understand, and it's very weird. But aside from this issue my gripes with this game are so minor. Lack of liveries and a couple other tiny things like the ffb and how when the car slides I counter steer a tiny bit, about 5 degrees, and then the car jacks itself around as if I'd slammed the wheel off the lockstops. Bit like forza's sim handling. It's so close to a perfect rally game for me however, and I've looked forward to calling it home for a long time now. Hopefully someone can help. Thank you very much, for making a game for the enthusiasts, when you guys could just choose to churn out regular Dirt titles so kids who think Forza is too hard can rip around with all of the assists on, but you don't. You make games for true petrolheads : )