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  1. FreeFly90

    What makes you like a circuit?

    Honestly no, I have no idea, I haven't used 7-Zip in a while. I re-uploaded the data in .zip format as well, hope this solves the problem 🙂 https://mega.nz/file/wJBiTaqI#zncumJTjcis6EVVrP6qBiBmrAu6lKyMyZnLkREfE3Gw Please let me know if it works!
  2. FreeFly90

    What makes you like a circuit?

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if it took me a few weeks to get back to you, but I had a lot on my plate and I wanted to make sure the data was polished and easy to present before sharing it. So far I downloaded the whole raw data, polished it, made it easier to parse, and created different graphs dividing it by either console or interaction methods. Results are preliminary of course, as I have not looked for any statistical correlation yet (that's something I'll have to save for peer review journals I'm afraid, at least for now), but I can see a patter that emerges even in these early stages. As I expected, Monaco and Vietnam are the most disliked circuits, both for hotlapping and racing. However, if I filter the data by interaction method, people with a high-end racing rig seem to like them more, especially when hotlapping. On the contrary, circuits like Bahrain seem to appeal more to people with a controller, especially when racing. I suspect that the results people have when racing can somehow influence their views on tracks, and it is no mistery that driving on circuits like Austria or Bahrain is easier against AI, especially with a controller. If you want to dig into the data yourself, you can download it here: https://mega.nz/file/9NAiHYjJ#bXpLl1TNekxKVy0rBLiLcXtEbW71gZvRukuiVq8yF54
  3. FreeFly90

    What makes you like a circuit?

    Thank you so much everyone, I got to 130 responses and still counting! 🙂 I'll share the data as soon as people stop answering! I'm working on Human-Computer interaction, with a focus on people's adaptation to Virtual Environments! I've been working on non-standard button schemes lately, I wanted to test players' adaptation to VR, but after COVID it's almost impossible to bring people to a lab and gather enough data unfortunately and I had to move to Controllers' interaction. Thanks anyway! Google Forms are really really bad on mobile, I should've used a different form in hindsight. Canada is one of my favourite circuits, together with Australia, even though I couldn't explain why I like them. I just love racing there, and they aren't even the circuit I drive best on.
  4. FreeFly90

    What makes you like a circuit?

    There is an issue with Google Forms apparently. I've been trying to reproduce the problem for two days and it has never happened to me, neither on PC nor on mobile. On my side, I checked like a 100 times and there is nothing limiting the survey in any way. But thanks for letting me know! Yep, that's more or less what I was thinking, even though I think there are a few exceptions. I am expecting street circuits (especially Monaco and Hanoi) to be hated by people who play with a controller, while fast tracks such as Monza or Austria, that don't present many challenges (in comparison, of course), to be disliked (not hated) by people with a wheel. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I should've included a question on people's average result per track. There are a few circuits (like Baku) where AI doesn't perform well, and it's rather easy to win with a controller, if you don't make too many mistakes. I remember winning with AI at 90 on my first season with Renault in F1 2018, while in Australia I only finished 13, and I love Australia. I don't know, I can't make a prediction, but this is exciting! 😄 Then I want your job, I don't even get paid to process the data! :'D
  5. FreeFly90

    What makes you like a circuit?

    Hey guys! Curious PhD student here! The scientist within me has been triggered by all the discussions on circuits that I've been seeing around the F1 community lately, and I decided to take action and find out if there's a reason that makes you like or dislike a circuit! Specifically, I want to find out if there's a correlation between your gaming equipment and the circuits you like! I've prepared a very very short form, it just asks what you're playing with and how much you like circuits! Please give me a hand and fill it out! https://forms.gle/iAUTQwXrFVCjZcjy7 PS: I am not affiliate with Codemasters or any otehr gaming company, I am a scholar and this research is my own work!