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    Best driving wheel?

    Thank you very much for the useful insights! I was googling here and there to see what could possibly be done, and I found the Ferrari F1 wheel addon, falling completely in love with it! So my two options could be: - T300, perfectly in budget, works out of the box and with the possibility to buy the F1 wheel later - Buy the F1 wheel and the TX Racing wheel servo, which is within budget, but I'd still need to buy external pedals, which would definitely push me a little out of budget. I'd be more inclined to go for the second, but it doesn't seem to be a popular solution. Is there any reason why?
  2. FreeFly90

    Best driving wheel?

    Hello guys! after years and years of playing with a keyboard - I hate controllers - I would love to finally build the F1 setup I've always dreamed of. I'll probably build a whole cockpit in the years, but first I need to find a nice racing steering wheel that I can use. I've seen many reviews online and I am frankly quite lost, so my question is: what steering wheel + pedals would you recommend to play with F1 games? My budget is around 300 euros, and I'm looking for something that could give me the best driving experience within the simulation. I may even try to get to the eSport series, who knows. Steering wheel buttons and good pedals are the priority anyway, and I'm totally open to suggestions! Thanks!