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  1. I was sure with viewing how many players are willing to share their settings that I will have some comment like yours. I posted on Reddit a way I've found to greatly improved my headphones, the factory settings were ok, but with the settings I've found they become great, and I'm really happy if I could help other users to have a better experience and enjoy more their headphones. I've helped some owners, and they were all very thankful, I'm glad I could do that. That's one of the greatest use of internet: share what you think could be useful to others. If I follow your way of thinking, then I should just think: Yeah I found great settings, but the stock headphones works fine, you're not an audiophile right, so why should I share the easily ways of improvement I've found, cause the factory setting works fine. Anyway I'm not here to argue with anyone, even to comment like only competitive players would need top notch settings. Which by the way GTR Technical has shared his, and I think he really knows what he's doing viewing all the very precise set ups he's doing to the cars. And if you read the comments on his post here in this community, then you will see that players are very thankful to him, and most of the comments are from beginners like me who can enjoy the game much more. So thank you for your comment, I will stick with my way of thinking that if I could help anyone by sharing what I've learned in life and improve their experience in anything, then I'm really happy to do it! Have a great day though.
  2. kuenfred

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Your settings are awesome! Without them I would have given up on the game! For now I just play the game with the cars you've done, can't wait for the next ones. Thank you so much for sharing, you help noobs like me enjoying the game! If you come to Vietnam the first bottle is one me ;)
  3. Actually all of them would be awesome! Hahaha. So far I just drive the cars that GTR Technical gives on his channel, cause before I had discovered his settings I was about to give up on the game, without proper settings, all the cars are unplayable. Thanks for the link, It's very technical and I guess we need a lot of tries before finding adequate settings. Also the author mentioned that the guide is for DR 1 and he might do another one for DR 2 but it will take him months... I remember 20 years ago I loved playing Colin McRae and I learned how to set up the cars by myself, but to be honest with you, now I'm busy with my business and I'd rather just open the game and enjoy it without spending days in finding good settings. But thanks all for your answers!
  4. Hi everyone, I love DR 2 but I really don't know how to set up the cars. I found this guy with his youtube channel GTR Technical: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ05BZF9F6q2xKyV6viCBGg Without his help I couldn't play the game, as I was always 15 seconds behind the leader, now thanks to him I can play with the cars settings he put on his channel. But unfortunately for me he didn't do it for all the cars (very grateful for the cars he did though), so I can't play with the cars he hasn't put on his channel. Can anyone please share his settings for beginners like me?
  5. kuenfred

    Trees dramatically drop FPS

    Totally agree with you mesa. I'll try that, it could help, thanks for the tip SkiddyMcCrash Yeah I have noticed the same Thanks to all for your comments, hopefully Codemasters will hear us. I think the best idea comes from Mesa, would love to have an option to turn off animated objects, I'm sure it looks nice if you have a gtx 1080 but for people like us, I would love to increase the settings and turn off animated objects.
  6. kuenfred

    Trees dramatically drop FPS

    Teknoid85 your graphic card is much more powerful than mine, I'm sure with a gtx 970 you don't have much problem with any game. I think the optimization for low end graphic cards could be improved, especially for trees
  7. kuenfred

    Trees dramatically drop FPS

    It's already on the lowest setting, as mirror, crowds... I monitor all the games I play on my macbook for the temperature to not go too high. And it all the games I play, the temperature difference is only 4-5 Celcius in different environments. In DR 2 the trees impact the FPS and temperature way too much.
  8. kuenfred

    Trees dramatically drop FPS

    Hi everyone, Fist I want to say the DR 2 is the best racing game I have ever played, the team that had created it has to be really passionate. So I play on a Macbook with Bootcamp, my graphic card is on the low end: Radeon Pro 560X which is like a Nvidia 1050. So I don't expect to play AA games at 1080p on full settings. When I first tried DR 2 the first race I did was Argentina in Time Trial, and I was really amazed by the quality of the graphics I could have even with my graphic card: 1080p at medium settings, and the game was really beautiful and smooth. Then.. I raced in different countries and my FPS dropped dramatically, so I lower my settings, to finally find that the more trees the stage has, the more my FPS will drop. in the same stage in an environment with and without trees, the temperature of my GPU will increase of 10 Celcius. So now I'm playing at 720p with low settings. I love the game, and it's really beautiful if you have a good graphic card, but I find disappointing that Argentina is well optimized even for low end graphic cards but as soon as we get the trees... I mean, when I'm playing a racing game, I don't really look at trees, I look at the road and that's it. The environment is important also to make a game more beautiful, when I see the beautiful lightning or the reflection on the water, they look amazing, but they don't drop my FPS or raise the temperature of my GPU. I wish the team behind RD 2 could fix this issue, I think we are many who love your game but don't have a high end graphic card, please think about us :) Oh and last thing: please fix the AI