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  1. PocketSandwich

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Right now, the biggest annoyances I run into constantly are the lack of auto-switching between sequential and h-pattern, and the wheel returning to center after I begin holding the handbrake for starts. I play PC with a wheel and shifter so it's probably less important for people with different setups, but every time I switch cars I have to manually check what type of transmission it is and go into the settings to change it myself. That gets annoying fast when trying out a bunch of cars in time trial or running through the historic championships where each category could be different. The other issue is if I crash and restart a stage without noticing my wheel is still turned, my wheel will only try to return to center after I start holding the handbrake to start the stage. Since I don't have an external handbrake, this means I'm desperately trying to keep my finger on the button to avoid jumping the start while the wheel spins. It would work so much better if it returned while the cutscene of the car rolling up to the start played, or before prompting the player to hold the handbrake. Both of these things happen just often enough to be really frustrating and neither seems like it would be a huge amount of work to fix, so hopefully they get addressed soon. I'd probably play more often once they do