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  1. The idea of race highlights is awesome, but it still can be improved. Like the highlights including other drivers impressive move, collision, technical problem as well. I like in F1 2019 you can customize your F1 decal, but maybe more customization options? A little bit wider, less longer of your car. And customize sponsor decal where to stick as well. League is awesome, but I really need an option for separate practice, qualify and race into different days. Speaking of practice in league, only P1 seems a bit strange. Maybe players can create their own team, customize their F1 team icon. And show their team name in multiplayer mode instead driving a "Multiplayer car". R&D in multiplayer or league. Seems more fun to me to improve my own car. Make something that can prevent those guys who intentionally making people out of the race. While pit in, the car steering seems strange for me. The car already turn but the steering wheel still not turn yet. Under investigation before giving any penalties. Rework the penalty system, kinda strange when I receive penalty by causing collision. But I am the one that being crash at the rear. Driving same car in 10 seasons kinda weird. Maybe driving cars from F1 2010 to F1 2020. Make the driver talk please, and different engineer in different team. I don't wanna see Jeff can read my mind, and same engineer in other team.