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  1. Hello, I play F1 2021 with a pile of various peripherals, namely using a Simucube 2 Pro/Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals/Turn Racing R8 wheel. However, menu navigation is somewhat of a pain to do with the funky switches on my wheel, so I usually have an Xbox controller that I use for that. I also need to use the Xbox controller because fast-forward/rewind doesn't work in replay no matter what I bind to LT/RT, except for the controller which works fine. The problem is, if I'm doing a longer race and manage to not need to do any flashbacks, at some point the Xbox controller is going to go t
  2. In my case, the "main" soundcard I'm using is a USB 5.1 setup, while the "radio" device is a Bluetooth headset, which I turn on and have connected before starting the game. I can get you a dxdiag next time I'm at that computer if it would help. I do have functioning voice control for the radio using the microphone on that bluetooth headset.
  3. @steviejay69 is there any further information anyone can provide here that might move this along?
  4. @steviejay69 I can report same issue. Changing the Radio Output Device between several devices, it continues to come out of the primary speakers which are set to the primary sound device in Windows. It comes out of the primary audio device both during the audio settings in-game where you switch between devices and it tests the audio, as well as in-game while driving. I've tested this both using an Mpow M5 headset as well as a Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 USB Wireless headset as well as the built-in realtek sound card. No matter what, it comes out of the USB Sound Card I have set
  5. Assuming you're serious about this, the variant of the Metro in DR 2.0 is a RHD car. The wheel is in the correct spot, as is the dashboard, which is in the middle. There are other cars in-game with RHD, such as the NR4 Lancer and I think the Peugeot H2 FWD car, probably some others.
  6. I realize there's no more bug fixes coming for this game, but maybe someone has a fix. I've tested this and it's repeatable after it happened to me, but if you're in a career rally, repair your car and change your tires in service, and start the stage and the game exits or has a problem during the stage, when you reload the game and start the stage again you lose at least one tire change without having actually changed tires. This left me with zero tire changes remaining with used soft tires on my car and 40+ miles of stages remaining as I didn't catch it until it was too late and I kept exi
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