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  1. hi guys, on f1 2019 what are the best settings for the steering wheel? I have a g29 but tell me the same settings to try them thanks.
  2. Andrysf1

    best f1 for steering wheel

    thanks for the answer, I meant which f1 was the best to play with any steering wheel in the last few years
  3. hello guys, in the latest f1 games what is the best to drive with the steering wheel ?, maybe even if you have the g29 you can recommend me better thanks.
  4. Andrysf1

    problems with f1 2019 ps4 steering wheel

    friend you know what I tell you that now I put down 2019 and use 2018, this game ruins the realism of playing with the steering wheel, I am very disappointed.
  5. hello guys, I'm a little unhappy about driving on f1 2019 with the steering wheel, in my case a g29 from logitech. last year on f1 2018 it was much better as a guide especially with the steering than when coming into the corner does not have a wide range of steering, I have tried so many setups on the internet too but nothing I still don't like. how are you, do you have any advice to improve this? Thanks in advance
  6. Andrysf1

    best offline settings

    nice very realistic, it's true and personal the fun but maybe confronting you can find different ways to play, I play the 90s, damage simulation but I don't remove the traction control because I don't like how it becomes the type of guide , but the 3d guidelines are raised?
  7. Andrysf1

    steering wheel better on f1 2018 or 19

    with which wheel do you play?
  8. hi guys, maybe I'm wrong but do you think in f1 2018 was better driven with the steering wheel?I have slower times and I had to decrease the level
  9. Andrysf1

    unrealistic helmets

    no, i play to ps4
  10. Andrysf1

    unrealistic helmets

    hi guys, is there any secret to making your helmets more realistic for your career? because they are too fake and unreal
  11. Andrysf1

    best offline settings

    hi guys, what do you think are the best and funniest settings to play against in career offline? for example damage? 3d lines, percentage ia? etc
  12. Andrysf1

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    hi guys, I also noticed this big difference between logitech g29 and pad but as some of you said, before the updates came out was it better to drive with the steering wheel? Thanks in advance
  13. Andrysf1

    slow start

    is true, thank you my friend
  14. Andrysf1

    slow start

    hi guys, I can't understand why the car starts very slow and surpasses all the cars, I use the automatic gearbox and use the assisted starting, is there a way to go faster? Thanks in advance.
  15. Andrysf1

    Change language f1 2018

    ok done thanks