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  1. I’ll get this out of the way first: I have a 1:04 and therefore pole so this isn’t moaning because I can’t make it. However the 1:05 pole is further evidence of extremely poor design, as the only way you can hit the time is by driving straight through all the chicanes with no brakes. How is this the intended way to get pole position? As a mobile game, I don’t think we expect true realistic racing sim, but jeez CM you could have at least fixed the track so that you have to brake around the 2nd and 3rd chicanes, and adjusted the pole position time accordingly.
  2. PGIII

    June 6 patch notes

    The biggest problem in duels is the horrendous penalty system which is 50/50 at penalizing the right car. You'd get the same accuracy by just penalizing randomly. When is that going to be addressed?
  3. PGIII

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    AI has definitely improved. Thanks
  4. PGIII

    Tool for calculating setups.

    I think it's Eden that's the problem, but I don't know enough about post-release development in the gaming industry to say for sure.
  5. Guess not cause they don’t play the game. Maybe you should tell them
  6. PGIII

    Latest patch status

    cool. Sprints are terribly broken - you don't cross the line at the same speed as your competitor so someone always has a 0.50 second advantage going into turn1. And don't even get me started on the Spa bug... Edit: It has occurred to me that the Sprints are supposed to start you off unevenly and judge you based on your lap time, but then why bother having us cross the line at the same time?
  7. Please feel free to lodge a complaint. I'm sick of this place and everybody associated with it. It's a **** game and all anybody does is moan about it.

    1. UP100


      If you're sick of this place, you maybe should stop being here?

  8. PGIII

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Yeah league dependent 1:05 for me got me 4th. Crummy but no patience to try to improve
  9. PGIII

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Sorry guys, but you’re both incorrect. Monaco’s set to a very fast pole position (around 1:04 looks like) which sucks, but it’s not a dynamic pole as you guys think it is. Your grid position simply does not take into account others around the world. Sometimes they set it easier, sometimes harder. My guess is the only difference in difficulty of each pole is the incompetence of this coding team in standardizing.
  10. PGIII

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Sorry mate you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how qualifying works in this game. Your grid position has nothing to do with how others in the world are doing. You’re racing against a set time. Example, at Baku the qualifying time for grid position 3 was 1.37:50, for 2 it was 1.37:25, and for 1 it was 1.37. Doesn't matter if the world around you is posting 35 second lap times. It matters what the coders have set the grid times to.
  11. PGIII

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Maybe we're talking about two different things. I'm talking about pole position in qualifying. That hasn't proven to be difficult in any of the races. I believe it was 1:37 on Baku, for example. I'm not talking about placing in the top echelon against people who are clearly taking advantage of every exploit that each track has to offer.
  12. PGIII

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Ha. I’m assuming 1st grid will be something like 1:08 or 1:09. Maybe I’m wrong. Generally if you drive a lap with no mistakes and take the corners well enough, you’re #1. 1:05 is very fast, doubt you’ll have an issue.
  13. PGIII

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Why do you presume to know the times for grid spots? its never been hard to qualify first, don’t know why it would be hard here
  14. PGIII

    Fix the racing line please

    Chris any word on this? Abu Dhabi for example is just a long red line throughout. Total mess. I know most of the corners but can't imagine how bad this is for newer players.
  15. PGIII

    May 21 Update

    Here’s a summary: - Changed Monaco (did nothing about how insanely bumpy it is, nor the chicane) - Broke racing line assist the end.