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  1. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Aah... I checked out the store, and I understand. All the liveries come with a bonus, epic R&D part. Well since I´ve gotten all the other epic R&D parts in parts boxes, it tells me it´s possible to get all epic parts i parts boxes.
  2. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Are you saying that´s the only way to get them? Yeah, and I´m doing that. That´s the area were there is definitely most to gain 😉, if you disregard codemasters doing something to fix the sheer arbitraryness of the game. I´m findinng myself practising quite a lot ahead of the events. There is a lot to gain from learning the track and put in the practise.
  3. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Yeah, all that´s probably true, and thank you for the comfort! I just have a bit of the «completionist disease», and I want to have all the parts. I´ve played this game since just after the Australian grans prix, so I just have to give it a little more time I guess.
  4. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Oh maaaan, I need those sidepods! And you got them to level 3 as well, halfway to level 4. That´s insane.
  5. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    I´m missing just two parts in R&D. It´s driving me crazy. Can someone atleast tell med the stats on those parts, so I know what I´m missing out on.