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  1. Wiliams cars swip past you down the straight like you were standing still You get run into from behind and crashed out of the race by AI cars AI cars literaly park on the apex right in front of you, then shot ahead with rocketlike acceleration You cannot keep cars behind you off a grid start to save your life
  2. MortenH

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    I seem to be getting a 50% occurence of either beeing outrun from the start, with opponent getting up to a second headstart, or getting a headstart myself. So in those cases the duel is not beeing decided by the race, but rather by an arbetrary random(?) occurence of who gets a headstart.
  3. MortenH

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    In most of the situations I have registerd this, that is not the case, soo no. That´s not it. When I have a perfect start challenge, no perfect start is ever registerd on the challenge, ever. No matter the circimstances of the race.
  4. MortenH

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    On challenges you mean? Yeah, me too!
  5. MortenH

    New slots

    Aaaahh.. I see now. I had to select all the sorting options several times, and was basicly pushing buttons like a madman, and then I was able to replicate the bug too. Maybe the coders have left space for future new parts? I certanly hope not, the r&d system is pretty convoluted as it is.
  6. MortenH


    Yeah, I got caught out several times in the start. Worst incidents for me was the fast corners at Hockenheim and Spielberg. I´ve been practicing Barcelona lately, and finding the limits there, so spun out quite a lot there too.
  7. MortenH

    New slots

    I still don´t understand. Do you mean undiscovered parts? Maybe you could post a picture?
  8. MortenH

    New slots

    Slots? As in r&d box slots? Or car development slots? Or what? Do explain!
  9. Same for me too. The pop up screen anouncing the rewards froze the app. A little anoying not to see what r&d parts I got. But I know I got some, becase for some of the parts I remember how many I had before, and there were more after I restarted the game. And I got the livery, helmet aso.
  10. No mate! You should stop and actually read what you are replying to. This was from the first iteration of Azarbaijan event. The one before the update. The issue is still unresolved, and I just got a standard «read the Faq» reply when I contacted customer support. Oh! I got the reward from the second Azerbaijan event though, so thanks for that! The rewards pop up screen froze the game, so I didn´t get to see what R&D parts I got, but they seem to have been added to my available parts.
  11. MortenH

    I just had the most amazing duel

    Yeah, regrettfully it´s very rear. It´s more common to be crashed into. 😕
  12. MortenH

    Azerbaijan or Azerbaijan't?

    Hasn´t anybody gotten their rewards from the rerun Baku event yet? If that is the case that is unacceptable. They mess up, and inconvenience unaffected users instead of taking responsebility for it themselves. It´s just mistake upon mistake upon bad decisions with codemasters. It´s sort of like watching the Williams F1 team
  13. Well, so much for that. I did contact customer support in the game. But they basicly only gave me a copy pasted answer from the faq, sort of a little more polite way to say «F* off!», but just as usefull as a kick up the backside. And now it´s happened again. I haven´t received any r&d rewards from the rerun Baku event. And this time I managed silver tier, so it´s some more rewards, like helmet, and livery. I see a lot of android users had problems running the event, and couldn´t load the track. The logical thing to do was maybe extend the time avialable for them to do the event. But for those of us that did do the event, you can´t delay our rewards for that reason. It´s your fault the game messed up the event for so many, but you can´t inconvenience the other users for that. Hand out the rewards!
  14. MortenH

    Screenshot! Our names say one thing:

    Well, this guys name say something else entirely 😕
  15. MortenH

    New Azerbaijan event

    WHAT THE F* IS THIS???? What happens if I can´t get through the event because of app crash before it runs out?