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  1. MortenH

    Useless Parts

    Here`s the tea, the rare and epic parts are useless too.
  2. MortenH

    Mid-Season Rewards Problem

    I have the same problem - I didn`t recieve the car, and I haven`t got the option to send codemasters a message via help setting. They removed that option from my game šŸ˜³šŸ™„
  3. MortenH

    The Neeum car is not showing

    It`s the same for me. I ended up in silver 2, and I got all the other rewards, but not the car livery. šŸ˜¤šŸ¤¬
  4. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Aah... I checked out the store, and I understand. All the liveries come with a bonus, epic R&D part. Well since IĀ“ve gotten all the other epic R&D parts in parts boxes, it tells me itĀ“s possible to get all epic parts i parts boxes.
  5. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Are you saying thatĀ“s the only way to get them? Yeah, and IĀ“m doing that. ThatĀ“s the area were there is definitely most to gain šŸ˜‰, if you disregard codemasters doing something to fix the sheer arbitraryness of the game. IĀ“m findinng myself practising quite a lot ahead of the events. There is a lot to gain from learning the track and put in the practise.
  6. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Yeah, all thatĀ“s probably true, and thank you for the comfort! I just have a bit of the Ā«completionist diseaseĀ», and I want to have all the parts. IĀ“ve played this game since just after the Australian grans prix, so I just have to give it a little more time I guess.
  7. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    Oh maaaan, I need those sidepods! And you got them to level 3 as well, halfway to level 4. ThatĀ“s insane.
  8. MortenH

    What are these parts?

    IĀ“m missing just two parts in R&D. ItĀ“s driving me crazy. Can someone atleast tell med the stats on those parts, so I know what IĀ“m missing out on.