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  1. GrahamBuckner

    F1 Setup Help

    I am still new to the world of f1 but I've been playing around and learning a good bit about set ups and even made a successful one that I posted for Baku. I learned that a great place to START your setup is by simply looking at a map of the track- or driving through it once. Take in as much info as possible without calculating everything just yet (take note if the track has tight corners, wide or narrow track limits, barriers or no barriers, big bumps or small bumps, long, plentiful straights, or few, shorter straights. Ultra high speed turns or hairpin corners? All of this is crucial. I'm a chessplayer, so I think quite a bit about the best Way to go about setting it up- i.e. which areas are most crucial for fast pace. So essentially I think weight is a great place to start. Do a mental experiment. If you have a heavy back end, you may find the ability to swoop around tight corners while the back end swings around to straighten you up for the exit. Or, maybe for ultra wide high speed corners, it's better to have it slightly more forward, to enhance stability and get the front in turned inward enough to gain plenty of speed and carry it through the curve. Once you've picked your weight (don't worry about being unstable, pick a good weight for turn radius and use suspension and diff. settings to improve your traction or stability to where acceptable with the weight.) Its finally time to remove as much wing as possible. A good strategy I think is to take off a bit more than the car can handle, making it unstable and slippery- but this can be changed. So now your car is fast- maybe too fast, and turns very quickly. Now set your suspension settings to find the traction you need to make up for your lack of wing, giving you speed and stability. So for example, setting a lower rear stability, may give you traction enough for an even lower wing angle. Before you know it you're setting lap records For wide tracks with flat shoulders a lower roll bar level is good. Think tracks like spain, long and wide curves with plenty of shoulder and no barrier to ram into. This allowed me to pick low suspension and low roll bars for enhanced traction. It made the car roll into the turns and use all the width of the track, and gave me great traction and therefore speed. Lower wing angles let me get a good time