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  1. Steamworks feature, should be fairly easy to implement: Right click on a friend already playing and be able to join their MP session, should be easier to make bigger lobbies, this way we don't disturb racers for an invite while they're racing.
  2. -Make AI in multiplayer optional by having a vote option before every MP championship, its getting old way too fast getting slowed down by AI or just plain getting taken out -Odometer for purchased vehicles -In garage, divide the menu with "purchased" and "available to purchase" -While hovering another player (where you can see their profile), add a stats popup, I mean, whats a MP without stats
  3. Just give one of the cars for free in a patch and add the class to the playlists, as easy as that.
  4. Must agree here, I preordered the game + season pass becuase CM said they had learned from their past mistakes (Grid2) regarding DLC but seems like that was just nice talk before their next game. I haven't even touched the sprint pack online because no one hosts them, and I spent most of my time in playlists. Now we get an expantion pack with cars that we won't even get to use in online playlist, another waste. At this rate the season pass was not anywhere near worth the price I paid as I only use a few DLC cars. I don't understand why they can't understand that tracks are just a community di
  5. "Win each discipline's most prestigious driver's championship for Ravenwest" Alright so what exactly is this? Do I have to win the very last season of each discipline running for Ravenwest? I ask because I already unlocked them but I do not see Ravenwest as one of the sponsors, or is it related to GRID Legend Series? I have yet to unlock this one so I don't know if ravenwest will be there as an available sponsor.
  6. I'm on the same boat, K&N is all i'm missing.
  7. To be honest I didn't find it that attractive for what it does on Grid 2, is there plans for the app to support Autosport?
  8. Steam never have two different names for one game, it will show as regular even though you have the black edition.
  9. Can you give us details on the Steam preorder Loore, or you're going to make us wait? Hehe!
  10. Still waiting on Steam preorder, what's taking so long?!
  11. While I was playing normal in U.S. servers in GRiD 2 for about 4 months it really became difficult after and had to switch often to London, I didn't find lag much of a problem though, yeah sure every once in a while some guy warping around but not to the point where every race was like that.
  12. Well I rather play a game with someone somewhat laggy than not play at all.....
  13. Really hope that's not the case, changing download regions was a pain every time, not to mention many people in NA didn't know about this and gave up on MP, splitting further the community.
  14. Probably $44.99 like CM usually price their preorders.
  15. I read loore saying the 16th on the steam community page. And the Black edition is supposd to be the preorder, after that it reverts to regular and the black edition bonuses will be available as DLC after a couple of months. (That's what I read from loore)
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