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    Invisible NEEEUM car 😭

    @CMF1mobile Back to RR3 it is then.

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Been singing this song since F1MR launched. @CMF1mobile, Codemasters stooped to garbage game territory* with F1MR and it stinks. Experiment over. What next? Here’s a 2-step plan to do right by us, your die-hard fans: 1. Launch F1 2020 that’s basically F1 2016 with 2020 drivers, cars, physics, teams, tracks, rules, etc. We’ll pay $10 to live the dream and take a perpetual break from Duels. No, seriously dude. Codemasters buys itself time for an epic comeback and to intelligently implement 2021 rules. Win-win all ‘round. 2. Mobile devices are getting ever powerful and more capable. No reason why F1 2021 can’t be closer to the console/PC versions. Deliver a pure, gimmick-free F1 mobile gaming experience**. We’ll happily slide the $10 into your DMs to keep living the dream. You return to the F1 mobile game throne (RR-who?) with a money-printing platform you can update annually. Win-win all ‘round. * Happy to elaborate, but I think you catch my drift. ** Here’s what that might look like: - Career mode: Start in the worst performing team from 2020 and work our way up to the top of the food chain if we perform well enough to be noticed by a better performing team. Zero challenge in starting with a championship winning car. Official cars with full damage. - Multiplayer mode: All-human full grid races preceded by time-limited qualifying (limited by degrading tires as well) to determine starting grid positions. Private races with a closed group of invited friends would be great. Spec cars with full damage.

    Real Racing 3

    Gimmicky AF.

    Real Racing 3

    Fellow OG RR2 player here. 👋 Neither game is perfect, but I’m glad RR3 has given us something new (better?) to sink our teeth into and spare us from the doldrums of F1MR. Maybe it’s because you started playing F1MR 6 months ago, but the game launched with a handful of tracks as well and others were added over subsequent months. You may have also missed the emotional rollercoaster that the bugfest that is F1MR put us through. I’m sure RR3 will get monotonous. It did back in the day and I don’t expect any different now. Even the great F1 2016, arguably the best mobile F1 game ever, got a little long in the tooth after a (long!) while. All three games have their pros and cons, but, in my opinion, the gimmicky AF F1MR is the worst of the lot when it comes to delivering the F1 experience that we’re all here for. I tried going back to F1MR to redo the events, but I was quickly reminded of how spatially unaware the AI are and I’m even more grateful we have an alternative outlet to live the F1 dream. I just completed the 2019 Championship Series and got enough money to make just one upgrade. 😭 I expect I’ll play some of the events a million more times to accumulate enough M$ to fully upgrade my Mercedes. It’s probably just me, but I 100% prefer this option to a boatload of random cards which do absolutely nothing to improve some custom car. Here’s to hoping the next Team Competition is for us F1 fans. 💪

    Real Racing 3

    The crazy thing is Codemasters can build a better game. They just choose not to. Our comments and suggestions over the first year after the game’s release are filled with brilliant ideas that can be used to build an unrivaled F1 racing experience for mobile gamers. Will they listen? History suggests we look elsewhere. And we have.

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    I’d encourage you to go through our posts made before you took over this account. There are LOTS of areas that need improvement, some of which we remember. Asking us to perpetually record our gameplay is impracticable.