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  1. Fierce

    Spain Grand Prix

    In this game, the only setups you need are max handling for Monaco and max aero for everywhere else. Power, lightweight, and brakes make little to no difference.
  2. Fierce

    Canada Race

    This explains a whole lot. We’ve been venting for absolutely no reason. 😂 😭
  3. Fierce

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    The AI has been exhibiting strange behavior today. In one race, one AI swiped another so hard, the swiping AI went under the other AI. In another instance, there was a bit of an AI derby and one unlucky AI was sent flying up. Then there was the case of one bot that had its indicator suggesting it was to my right except it wasn’t because I was right up beside the wall. Just minutes ago, a bot bulldozed it’s way past me twice and then started bouncing. That was a new one.
  4. Fierce

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    I noticed I can keep up and even pass AI cars now. Then later when I launched the game, the AI went crazy. Spazzing out and colliding with each other, flying into the air, playing chicken driving in the wrong direction, and swiping me and sending me careening off into the wall when I try to overtake at a fast turn (Spa, especially). I restarted the game and all but the swiping are gone. I still get careened off into the walls when I try to overtake. Does this help?
  5. Fierce

    Lack of interest

    And the hits keep coming. 😩
  6. This happened on May 26. Forgot to upload.
  7. Most of us have all of zero interest in playing Duel mode and vanilla Single mode has been a snooze fest for a while now. Here’s how I’ve been keeping things a little challenging in Single mode. Grid start, 5 laps, hard. From P20, fight your way to P1 by the end of lap 1. Slam on your brakes immediately you cross the start/finish line after lap 1 (you should be in P1) and reverse to just behind the start/finish line. Probably smarter to reverse near the side of the track with no traffic. Wait behind the start/finish line until you’ve fallen to P20 and then slam on the gas to fight your way through the field to P1 by the end of lap 3. Slam on your brakes immediately you cross the start/finish line after lap 3 (you should be in P1) and reverse to just behind the start/finish line. You know the drill: wait there until you’ve fallen to P20 and then gun it. Good luck finishing in P1! 🏎 🏁 🏆 🍾
  8. Fierce

    Tool for calculating setups.

    Eden Games has a hand in this too, but Codemasters, who have directional oversight, hired them and can’t be disassociated from the garbage they’ve collectively built. Only Codemasters knows why there are so many more bugs in this game than in F1 2016, a brilliant game they built with Exient. In the App Store, F1 2016 is still #15 in the Racing category. This steaming pile of failure, #38. Those of us who enjoyed F1 2016 and waited for two years to live the dream in an updated game got a bug-infested, untested beta release built by interns. Chris and co. have been failing at massaging the situation ever since launch. You can empty a bottle of perfume on a piece of turd, but it’ll still be a piece of turd. Fixing symptoms won’t improve our experience. We can only hope Codemasters cares enough to chuck this game down the toilet, go back to the old drawing board, and produce an F1 game F1 fans deserve (there are many, many other racing games for “everyone” else). It appears many of us have lost all hope in the ability of Codemasters to fix this game. Let’s relegate this low point to the past and focus on F1 2020. What do you say, @ChrisGrovesMCM?
  9. This one’s for you, Codemasters.@ChrisGrovesMCM
  10. Fierce

    Tool for calculating setups.

    Would be great if you’d go even further and build a game we’d love so we can be free of Codemasters. 🙌
  11. Fierce

    May 13 Status Update

    Ha! Yes, and driving in the ground. Man, this game.
  12. Fierce

    May 13 Status Update

    Same here. Complaining is fun right until you realize two things: 1. This game is made for “everyone” (AKA garbage game suckers), which obviously excludes passionate F1 fans like us; and 2. Codemasters literally don’t care for us second class citizens. Reading complaints is where the fun is at. I’ve been LMAO at frustrated players seemingly convinced their words will reach anyone who cares and can make changes happen.
  13. If it’s any encouragement (in the sense that this is not a unique occurrence), I’ve lost a few thousand points several times.