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    Can someone explain this?

    These videos are all kinds of hilarious. Codemasters interns making us proud. 👊
  2. This has been my prayer since update 1. 🙏
  3. Fierce

    Setup for Grid start

    Generally, max handling for Monaco and maybe Hungary, and max aero for everywhere else. Currently, no setup can save you from falling behind in a grid start because that’s a bug that our friends at Codies have refused to eliminate. Off the start, it helps to pick a line that minimizes your odds of being rammed by the stampede behind you.
  4. Fierce

    Update 7

    My thinking exactly. This is another gimmicky “solution” to delay the inevitable: hitting a gameplay wall. I still vote for chucking this game and focusing efforts on a fresh start to build a proper F1 game we can live vicariously through. This isn’t it.
  5. Fierce

    Safety Rating

    Want to raise your SR? Drive like you’re on a public road. Want to win duels and grid starts? Get ready for some contact sport and spectacular evasive driving. Want both? 🤷‍♂️ It’s become increasingly unnecessarily harder to raise your SR and go for wins.
  6. Great review.
  7. Fierce

    Race not finishing

    Yes, this is the experience of a bunch of people here.
  8. Fierce

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    Super random. I lost 150,000+ points. No word from @ChrisGrovesMCM explaining this.
  9. Fierce

    Events leaderboards

    Unlikely to happen any time soon. It’s been almost a month since the Codemasters team participated in our discussions. I don’t think they care enough to clean up the league times (and a world of other issues), unfortunately.
  10. Fierce

    German GP Car

    Thankfully, fixed in this update. Wonder what was broken as a trade-off....
  11. Fierce


    Same here. This has been fixed with the last update.
  12. Fierce

    Duels points ...

    The goal here is simple: to frustrate you into paying for things to accelerate your progress. This pay to win monetization approach is a growing trend among garbage game developers who have forgotten that player enjoyment comes first.
  13. Fierce

    Here we go again...

    I completely forgot about this game for a couple weeks now. Not sure what that says about stickiness. I missed the Hungary event and paid 100 CR last night to cross it off the list. The handling is still touch and go on max R&D setup and was more stable with similar times on max handling.
  14. Fierce

    Season pass worth it?

    Short answer: No.
  15. Fierce

    Some updates?

    This game feels like you’re driving a car with plastic tires on an ice rink. Thanks, but no thanks.
  16. Codemasters has all of zero interest in making this game any better. Given their effort with F1 2016, they have demonstrated they know how to make this game better, but just don’t care to because mobile players are second class citizens and not worth the effort. It helps (them) that there are droves of people paying real money for this hot garbage so why would they bother? I wouldn’t either if I were devoid of integrity and responsibility. My thinking is the F1 gods at F1/FOM don’t read our comments so they’re clueless to how terribly Codemasters is intentionally muddying their $8B brand. I hope either Codemasters is focusing efforts on a proper F1 2020 game or another publisher rises up to give us what we deserve: the best F1 experience.
  17. Fierce

    camouflage livery

    Sometimes you race a driver in a car. Sometimes you race a tag. Sometimes you race a driver. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Don’t hold your breath. This game is meant for “everyone”, not F1 fans. Certainly not F1 fans who enjoyed F1 2016 and waited two years for a glorious update, but got a hot mess instead.
  19. Fierce

    Meet the phantom takeoff bug

    Nice. I’ve been bumped forward as well, but not to the front of the field.
  20. Fierce

    existing the game

    You trying to escape the exit ad? Nice try. MUAHAHAHA!!! 😂
  21. Fierce

    Why are the ******* tracks so bumpy????

    Not giving the interns any slack? 😂
  22. Fierce

    Rewards for veterans?

    Looking forward to this!
  23. Fierce

    Argue for GRB

    That’s wild. I haven’t experienced that (yet).