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    What’s next

    Maybe Exient will emerge from the shadows and save us with F1 2020? Or Activision will use some of their awesomeness from Call of Duty: Mobile and breathe life into an F1: Mobile? Either way, I’m not holding my breath for Bugmasters to follow up their pile of garbage with an even more crude money grab.
  2. Fierce

    Car randomly shifts into neutral

  3. Fierce

    Update 8 is a step in the wrong direction

    😲 This is new! And the hits keep coming. Bravo, Codemasters. 🙄
  4. Fierce

    Paying to retry?

    😂 My thought exactly! Like what?!? There’s a long, LONG list of things Codemasters can do to make this steamy pile of 💩 resemble anything like real F1. Adding an increasingly expensive retry paywall when the AI, track limits, game stability, etc. haven’t been fixed is of the poorest taste. Great to see Codemasters hasn’t lost their scammy edge. Where’s the F1 2020 sign up sheet? I’m out.
  5. Fierce

    Braking assist

    Beyond fixing things they broke, it appears the devs have stopped working on improving gameplay for a while now and have since turned their attention to finding new ways to do micro transactions, sadly. I hope they’re secretly working on an F1 2020 that’s the spiritual successor of F1 2016, but I’m not holding my breath.
  6. Fierce

    Highest GP Event place yet.

    I sure do.
  7. Thanks to better players, players in faster cars, and of course cheats (thanks, Codies!), I expect I’ll be pushed down soon enough.
  8. Fierce


    You don’t really play against real people in real time. Duels are simulated. In this game, racing a tag is just one of the many bugs.
  9. Fierce

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Great times, guys! 🚀 Crazy how you can get 0:56.01 in this game, yet LeClerc could only squeeze out a sorry 1:03.003 qualifying time. 😜
  10. Fierce

    Recent GP Event leaderboard changes breakdown

    Whoa! Welcome back, @ChrisGrovesMCM! Thought you’d deserted us for a minute there. Thanks for the update. I’ve got questions. 1. I’m not sure I understand this. Are you saying there’s a problem with two players being in the same tier if one played more events than the other? Shouldn’t the tier be based solely on performance rather than effort? Please clarify. 2. If this number is less than 1% of players, that will reduce the number of non-cheating players in Gold tier. What’s being done to make sure this list contains none of the cheaters? 3. I’m one of those who got bumped down from Gold to Silver I and got Gold mid-season rewards. Phew! Will I be returned to Gold tier in an upcoming update? 4. Again, does this language imply that those who play more often would be placed in a higher tier than those who perform equally and play less frequently?
  11. Fierce

    Car setup

    Handling got reverted to a previous setting, which is probably the best the game has ever had. Also noticed I’m now getting marginally better times with max aero versus max handling in Monaco, making this game 100% max aero for me.
  12. Fierce


    My thoughts.
  13. Fierce

    Can someone explain this?

    These videos are all kinds of hilarious. Codemasters interns making us proud. 👊
  14. This has been my prayer since update 1. 🙏
  15. Fierce

    Setup for Grid start

    Generally, max handling for Monaco and maybe Hungary, and max aero for everywhere else. Currently, no setup can save you from falling behind in a grid start because that’s a bug that our friends at Codies have refused to eliminate. Off the start, it helps to pick a line that minimizes your odds of being rammed by the stampede behind you.
  16. Fierce

    Update 7

    My thinking exactly. This is another gimmicky “solution” to delay the inevitable: hitting a gameplay wall. I still vote for chucking this game and focusing efforts on a fresh start to build a proper F1 game we can live vicariously through. This isn’t it.
  17. Fierce

    Safety Rating

    Want to raise your SR? Drive like you’re on a public road. Want to win duels and grid starts? Get ready for some contact sport and spectacular evasive driving. Want both? 🤷‍♂️ It’s become increasingly unnecessarily harder to raise your SR and go for wins.
  18. Fierce

    Race not finishing

    Yes, this is the experience of a bunch of people here.
  19. Fierce

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    Super random. I lost 150,000+ points. No word from @ChrisGrovesMCM explaining this.
  20. Fierce

    Events leaderboards

    Unlikely to happen any time soon. It’s been almost a month since the Codemasters team participated in our discussions. I don’t think they care enough to clean up the league times (and a world of other issues), unfortunately.
  21. Fierce

    German GP Car

    Thankfully, fixed in this update. Wonder what was broken as a trade-off....
  22. Fierce


    Same here. This has been fixed with the last update.
  23. Fierce

    Duels points ...

    The goal here is simple: to frustrate you into paying for things to accelerate your progress. This pay to win monetization approach is a growing trend among garbage game developers who have forgotten that player enjoyment comes first.