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  1. zenixinous

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Can I reset the current status of career? Meaning restart masters?
  2. zenixinous

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Just started Career Master. What a jump from Career Pro. In Pro, i won all, but one race. Now I have to push really hard to be 15th. An of course this causes crashes occasionally because the amount of pushing needed. Now I remember why I stopped playing careed mode...
  3. zenixinous

    WRC 9

    This exactly my thoughts.
  4. zenixinous

    WRC 9

    In my perspective, it's not a competitor to DR. I think wrc8 is good for casual players, who just enjoy driving anything. For those who wants to tune ffb settings, car setups, and drive other simulators also, it's not worth buying.
  5. zenixinous

    WRC 9

    Not a troll. My honest opinion.
  6. zenixinous

    WRC 9

    Purchased WRC 8 today. Car physics are too much off. Cars bounce like bunnies and kind of floats in the air. It feels there's not enough gravity. Sounds are also like in old C64 game. Refunded the game.
  7. zenixinous

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    I'm really ****** about this issue. Currently I'm facing this issue every day. I do no want to go disable USB devices, the're needed.
  8. zenixinous

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    It's not only you guys at the Master etc. This AI issue is affecting us also in the Open, Clubman and Pro. I've identified some problems in my DR2 history (only 40 hours) 1. Difficulty level between different categories are too big. That's why you see people complaining about different stages. I have difficulty going from Clubman to Pro. Depends on your driving skills. 2. AI is really fast when it comes to straighter sections. Even though I have full tuned car, with custom setups from GTR Techincal, going full throttle (to my skill level) at 5-6 sections, AI still manages to be lot's faster than me (2-6seconds). 3. AI is sometimes really bad at mid speed sections from 2-4, I can easily go 4-6 seconds faster than AI per section. 4. Sometimes AI makes a "leap": Usually last section of a stage AI just goes "Knight Rider Turbo Mode" and goes 10 seconds faster than me. It does not matter is it 2-4 or 5-6 corners. I'm driving same way than usually.