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  1. For the last couple of days the F1 Mobile iOS game has been experiencing some problems. On Friday the game didn’t finish loading the Baku Qualifying event, so i deleted and reinstalled the app. All good and problem solved. Yesterday the game started freezing/crashing a LOT, so I again deleted and reinstalled the app. After reinstalling it gets stuck in the licensed product loading screen, after it shows “updating local data 0/22”; it does load the 22 but that’s it. I have deleted and reinstalled the app again, I have deleted the app with all its files from the iOS app manager and reinstalled, I have deleted restarted the device and installed and restarted the device but the problem persists. I’m at the end of my wisdoms as in iOS there is only so much you can do. I don’t use any additional devices, Bluetooth is deactivated and I have tried loading while connected to the phone wireless network as well as 3 different WiFi networks. any advice/help?
  2. Problem went away all of the sudden. the only difference was that it updated 21 instead of 22 local data files. on the downside it doesn’t let me finish the Baku event 😕
  3. Did what Orbeavers14 described, started the game on airplane mode, got to the screen shown before where it asked me to reconnect, went and turned airplane mode off, and game stops loading at the very end. also, I am running iOS 12.2