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  1. On 4/19/2019 at 10:13 AM, Hardy said:

    OK, so...

    I did it.

    I've created a fresh profile, obtained the achievement, reinstated my old profile and all that without RaceNet resetting my data.
    It involved setting me to offline mode (actually I disabled my WiFi adapter just to be sure), was a nervous experience, but it worked.

    I've noticed that on a fresh profile unexpected moments also still work properly. Have seen a wrecked car by the road which I haven't seen for weeks. Oh, and it was the 'Overcast' weather wich didn't reqister on the old, prev-1.1 profile. Maybe this helps.

    Could you please tell more detailed info step by step how have you done it, since i also have this problem and am quite deep into the game, so I dont want to lose my progress.

    ty 😄


    I have now tried to delete files in  \Steam\userdata\xxx\690790\remote offline and created new profile played in all conditions in offline and still no achievement. Dont know if i have to play online to get it but just didnt want to try before i know how youve done it