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  1. Where is my content ??? Platform Xbox. i have season 3 & 4 deluxe package. I am missing today’s content with 1.10.1. No Finland, no liveries.
  2. Something isn’t right with the sound, when Lifting off the throttle the engine noise disappears rapidly, also the lift of turbo noise, also the gravel noise. No car noise when car stops after stage finish. This wasn’t before 1.10, played on Xbox, cars tested so far Audi s1 and Impreza 01’. Especially those two cars had lot of noise after downshift and lift of throttle. edit: all cars. It’s like the engine is stalled when lift of, very disturbing for the driving rhythm. Hope you will fix this
  3. iwoban

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Good job. I have tested the Evo setup so far in Australia. Looking forward to see your group B, and Rwd setups