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  1. Where is my content ??? Platform Xbox. i have season 3 & 4 deluxe package. I am missing today’s content with 1.10.1. No Finland, no liveries.
  2. Something isn’t right with the sound, when Lifting off the throttle the engine noise disappears rapidly, also the lift of turbo noise, also the gravel noise. No car noise when car stops after stage finish. This wasn’t before 1.10, played on Xbox, cars tested so far Audi s1 and Impreza 01’. Especially those two cars had lot of noise after downshift and lift of throttle. edit: all cars. It’s like the engine is stalled when lift of, very disturbing for the driving rhythm. Hope you will fix this
  3. This entire license thing is a bit of a myth to me, especially for the retro and historic content, for the cars and the original liveries, I mean shouldn’t they be pleased that their history is represented in games !? Is it about money... if Codemasters does not have the license for the actual wrc cars (they don’t have the actual class anyway) I understand that because the other game that nobody wants to play has them. But historic.....
  4. Anyway there is a makeover needed. Stratos and Datsun should be with with the Kadett, escort, 131, alpine. I love the Kadett, for my playing style it’s the perfect balance between escort and 131. The ascona just needs to be better. The Renault thing I thought it’s meant to be a turbo 2 Maxi version. I hope also that the Toyota’s will find their way into Dirt rally 2.0, these cars were present through the whole 80’ and 90’ in the rally scene. And of course the Quattro A2.
  5. iwoban

    Original Quattro

    Not necessarily, I mean the Quattro was a beast but it was very difficult to drive, left foot braking instead of handbrake, turbo lag big as hell, understeer as hell, and on tarmac not that much dominant. I think it could work in the H3 class.
  6. DLC Cars: Audi Quattro A2 1983 and 1984 world champion. Everybody loves that car, I would put it in a H3 class with the M3, ascona etc. I know it’s 4wheel car but it was and can be super difficult to drive because it was under steering as hell and had a turbolag like Loch Ness. Besides on tarmac it was slower then the 2wd cars. Toyota celica Group B rwd. Won a safari rally i think. It just belongs to the side of Manta 400, Lancia 037, M1 etc. Toyota celica gt four group A. Regrouping the cars in classes: Lancia stratos belongs in a group with 131 abartig, escort mk2, Kadett etc, the realistic picture is that stratos was even with them not competitive any more but this icon belongs in their class. Same as above the Datsun 240Z, I mean come on, the car was built in 1973 and now we race it again 1988’ Bmw and sierra cosworth. The Opel “problem” we have currently 3 Opels in a historic section, Kadett, Ascona, and Manta. The Problem in my opinion that the less successful car is the best in the game at his class, the Kadett, i love the car, it’s fun to drive, the sound etc, but this car was in fact a mess, Walter Röhrl hated this car because if wasn’t broken after few stages it was unbalanced as hell, but it’s a game and I am fine with it, ascona was 1982 world rally champion with Röhrl, it has beaten the allmighty Quattros, ingame it’s a shell of itself, no chance against the Bmw etc. I think it’s unfair. And the Manta, iconic car specially in the British championship the Car to drive. (With the Manta me personally have no issues with performance, the problem is the current AI that is imo broken, it can not be that the Ai times are 10-15 seconds faster then the players world records.) Renault 5 Turbo was a Group b rwd car. It belongs their. Dlc suggestion for skoda 1300RS. The car looks fantastic.
  7. iwoban

    Group B rwd, Ai stage times.

    As i mentioned, it doesn’t makes sense to me that the problem is with the clutch/shift thing. The AI in this class is just not right.
  8. iwoban

    Group B rwd, Ai stage times.

    Thank you, but sorry that makes no sense to me, H shifting and pedal clutch will make the cars 30 sec faster on a 4 km stage, I don’t think so. I am talking about career mode pro level, worldwide top 5 stage times is a 20th ingame stage time against the AI. It seems similar like in Dirt 4 the M3 Problem, which was broken for months
  9. iwoban

    Disappointing liveries (console)

    The liveries with some exceptions of the Quattro and heat for hire manta are really not that creative, especially me personally miss the rothmanns colors for the opel/ford, and the martini for the Lancia, I understand the point of “no license” etc. but the creative part at the Codemasters could make some liveries that are at least similar as those.
  10. First of all thank you for the work. Manta sounds like Manta now. the Problem with its class group b rwd is the AI stage times, way to fast and btw I am talking about my career “pro” level. Worldwide top 5 times are in the career mode ranking 23-25th.
  11. iwoban

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Good job. I have tested the Evo setup so far in Australia. Looking forward to see your group B, and Rwd setups