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  1. arbraman1

    Racenet helmet unlocked ...

    Hey guys, I have a racenet account and when I logged my F1 2014 there was no helmet until today, and I have already made several goals and it appears that I have already released all the helmets for experience points, but none of them extra helmets appeared to me in the game, not even at F1 2012. At F1 2013 i managed to unlock the helmets, but i wanted to understand how it works to unlock, because in 2013 it appeared that all 8 helmets were released, but in the game i released some later a long time, and it took several months to release the last ones. Does anyone know how this works? (I am Brazilian. I apologize if my English got bad)
  2. arbraman1

    F1 2017, 2018

    But there is F1 2017 and 2018, and 2019 has already been announced! (sorry for English because I'm Brazilian, and I need google translate.)