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    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    I think the game would be a whole lot more spectacular if you guys implemented the most accurate and up to date physics engine you possibly could like the guys over at Project Cars 2 have done. The game should include flat spots from locking up too much or sliding. Also the interviews get very repetitive and they should be more in depth as well. I also feel like you guys could go more in depth with the laser scanned tracks and pick up more bumps etc like Project Cars 2 game codies have done. I also think it would be a whole lot more rewarding to start from the very bottom and work your way up in career mode F4-F1 and maybe even Karting. There should also be winter testing as well. When it rains the track should also include puddles that if you hit the car gets loose like it does in real life. F1 2018 is a fun game and by far the best one out so far but I really believe you guys can completely revamp an already outstanding product. Career mode should be so involved that literally every little move one makes counts just as it does in real life for the drivers. There should also be team management options to where your pit crew might end up getting sick and you as a team manager will have to balance out your team behind the wall etc. There can be a whole lot more done so just use your minds guys. I believe in yall!