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  1. It's the biggest **** ever seen!! INDECENT!! Is it possible to release an update like this??? I'm playing since Oct '18 but I'm seriously thinking to quit, YOU CODIES ARE DESTROYING THE GAME!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!
  2. And with this **** update things are going better and better (...)! Now it's INDECENT! WAKE UP CODIES, you are giving us not an update but a big dog ****.
  3. Hi guys, just to report (but maybe CM just know) that on Bahrain track if you score a qualy lap under 1.22sec the game crash and you cannot save your progress. Thanks!
  4. It depends on wich track: I use both, Merc in some tracks and RB in other. Lightweight is less important than in last year, but on RB gives you wings...AhAh!! Good luck bro.
  5. Hi Bro! Don't worry about that, we all have to re-start from the beginning. Forget your previous 2020 setup, after the 2021 update all cars start from a very low level. You can only upgrade it. Chassis is the key. Good Luck, stay strong!
  6. Thanks FrancoisCevert! You deserve it, very strong and fair Player! CONGRATS!
  7. Really a shame, in a lot of cases sprint races are really a ****! You cannot race vs AI killer cars! I hope the new update...
  8. Don't worry,it's only one more cheater! (Congrats Forancoiscevert, nice duels with u on track! Strong and fair player)
  9. Hi guys!
    It’s my first here and probably the last one!

    Only to let the Codemaster’s developer that the last update is the worst I’ve ever seen since I’ve started playing! Now the cars is a strange kind of barrow impossible to drive (I’m 5sec slower than before in almost all tracks) and It’s very disappointing when you understand that a lot of time was spent for nothing trying to improve the car to get the best setup to begin the new 2020 champ!! All was done for nothing... The assists were better before when anyone could made his own choices, now is really indefinite. And what about the cheaters? Nothing was done, erase the red button because it’s useless! But something new happens: now even the AI cars are always ready to smash you on the wall!!! Why don’t you try, after a crash, to take off the front wing for example and set the cheater car 10s slower?? 
    Sorry guys for my disappointment, but this was a good game! I hope that someone will give it back as it was before. In this conditions I won’t spend one more penny on this game....

    ‘Maybe only my writing is worse than the last update!

    Thank you all!

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