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  1. David Greco


    Guys those are setting numbers not cm or mm from the ground. a 6 front setting is not the same 6 rear rideheight setting. The car already comes at a rake at 6 6 ride height. By lowering the rear, you have less rake, which turns into less drag but less rear downforce. In turn it does also affect the front and have less front downforce (not much tho). It does help the car in slow corners as the centre of mass will be closer to the ground, so actually in slower corners you will feel better traction and more grip in general. Setup is all about compromise as you all well know, and also the way we setup the cars in this game is different. If in iRacing, AC or rFactor you can actually set the distance of the front and rear of the car to the ground, in F1 you cannot see that value. Out of the top of my mind, I think you have to set something like 10 1 to have a negative rake, but I can guarantee the car will be pretty bad to drive.
  2. David Greco

    fanatec flag leds

    Strange. work fine here on my dd1 and formula steering v2 with no plugins or wtv else.
  3. David Greco

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    When I was driving in real life, I always complained about understeer. Head engineer on the team once had enough of it and called me to look at the Telemetry compared to my team mate. I found out i was understeering because I was going over the limit of what physically possible by the car. Said that, the default setup is a bit understeery by nature, the cars are understeery by nature. With a setup you can make it very oversteery. There is no perfect setup, just find the perfect combination that work with the car natural physical limit, your driving style and setup tuning.
  4. David Greco

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    Yes don't go by the animation/ai info. Ai uses same power as player. I have no problem beating them and keeping in front of them. They are good at using ERS, but not as good as players. Actually sometimes I feel like they finished the power and can't challenge me.
  5. David Greco

    F1 2019 Handling

    I will say my honest opinion. There is no simulator/game for normal consumers like us out there that is really close to the real thing. It just doesn't exist. What exist is a vast choice of different software that will satisfy, each of these, a group of people, but not all of them. I have had real drivers coming to me saying that what we do is the best out there, and others saying what we do is not quite there yet. Same kind of outcome when we talk about other games/sims like rFactor2, iRacing, Assetto Corsa and so on. Do you want the ultimate experience? Save money and buy a kart. A proper kart that can push 2+ lateral G's. Use games and simulators to keep practicing your skills. I am glad that many people like my work on the handling, I am very happy that some of the fastest guys in Simracing prefer my handling to that of other sims. I am also aware and accept that others don't like it, and some, luckily not the majority, hate it. I would really like to make everyone happy, but is simply not possible.
  6. David Greco

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    "-ers AI forever" That is so false a statement, almost like saying the earth is flat.
  7. David Greco

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    Well, if you think that through the tyre itself, the steering arms, the steering column and the steering wheel itself, you get no dampening, you are quite wrong. Dampening is needed. Not much, agreed, I don't like it myself when is too much, but is needed.
  8. David Greco

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    You can do that by adding damper in the FFB. The cars will also be updated with more downforce with a sports update.
  9. David Greco

    Logitech G29 Force feedback not working

    Guys, it cannot be the game. If it was the game, every single user with the same hardware would have the same issue.