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  1. RedDevilKT

    Another featured event?!

    @rogiecraigson A featured event is on it's way soon so you will definitely be able to get that platinum trophy! I'm not going to give out the schedule but there will be one soon 🙂
  2. RedDevilKT

    F1 2019 Online Services Login Error

    Hi all, are you still experiencing this issue? I believe this should have been resolved but if not please let us know.
  3. RedDevilKT

    Another featured event?!

    Yes, there will be a mixture of weekly (Grand Prix) and Featured events coming up.
  4. RedDevilKT

    Another featured event?!

    Hi all, just wanted to let you know that there is a weekly event starting on Monday. @BarryBL will probably have more to say about this but just passing on the immediate news. Thanks.
  5. RedDevilKT

    1.07 PC ?

    There are a just a few here... 🤐🙄
  6. Hey @FstLaneUkraine, if you are able to locate your hardware_settings_config.xml file (this should be in the My Games folder, mine is in Documents\My Games\F1 2020\hardwaresettings), open this within an editor and then set the audioUpdateRate to 1. That may resolve your issue.
  7. If you are experiencing this issue can you please tell us game modes (if career, season, season length and driver or My Team), tracks if worse at specific ones, how long you've been playing for that particular gaming session and probably most importantly, can you please quantify "very long" and "takes ages to load".
  8. I've updated the tag to with developers as we have managed to recreate this in-house. Will update it again once we know more and we have it designated for a patch. Thanks!
  9. Thanks @TomJacks. @JeremyRicardo I've merged your post with this one about the same primary issue. Would you be able to provide your username and add a crash dump from when you try to access the podium pass/item shop please. Thanks.
  10. @aldooe Would you be able to attach a crash dump from you having this issue please? @Yatesey14 Would you be able to cause this crash again, report it to Sony and leave a message referencing that it is the Podium Pass crash/the forums so that we can identify it. Can everyone also provide us with their username/gamertag if you are experiencing this so that we can investigate this issue a little more. Thanks!
  11. RedDevilKT

    Can anyone help me please

    Hi @Grandad832, I have removed your email address from your post as it's best not to give out personal information like that on forums. I have also moved your post to the DiRT Rally forums where the team and community there will be able to assist you. Happy racing once you get going 🙂
  12. RedDevilKT

    * NEW FEATURE * - Spectator Shortcuts

    @Bicarda One just for you 😉
  13. RedDevilKT

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    Hi @Baggiesteve I have moved this from the beta forums to the technical assistance as it was not only in the incorrect sub-forum, it is a general wheel issue which will be better served in the technical assistance forums where others may be able to help you.
  14. RedDevilKT

    more save slots for setups?

    Moved this thread to DiRT Rally 2.0 forums so that it is in the correct place.
  15. RedDevilKT

    F1 mobile on Ipad pro 2020

    Hi @marmech I have moved your post into the F1 Mobile technical assistance forum so that it is in the correct place and the appropriate team/community will be able to assist you.