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  1. @steviejay69Xbox was updated to 1.04 on Saturday. @gsywakey was this issue resolved?
  2. Hey, why don't you tell us how you're earning XP very quickly? 😛 Congrats on completing it already though but unfortunately we can't bring it forward
  3. Unfortunately not @GBPolesitter we are still looking into it though.
  4. @Djassi @Brain2649You should be good to go again. Any information that you can send about what happens in the first event where you get a 0 point result would be really helpful. Things like did you restart the session, cut corners, anything out of the ordinary happen etc will all help to nail this down so that we can repeat it internally.
  5. Sorted for both @crossboyke and @GabryDZN. Thanks for the heads up @Getts0388
  6. @Getts0388You're welcome. I would still like to try working out the underlying issue so anything that you can think of that you've done differently in those occasions compared the the first time you never got a score would be very welcome.
  7. @RollaRulla You should be good to go. @Getts0388 No worries, I completely understand the frustration, it happens with us all, and it's great that you've set yourself a target and I hope that you can achieve it! You should be good to go for the weekly event in 2021 but if not please just let me know and I'll take another look.
  8. Hey @Getts0388 these things take time to investigate so please keep that in mind. I appreciate that it is frustrating and this is a very important issue for you but please understand that we do have other threads and issues to deal with at the same time. This issue should now be resolved for everyone that has posted in this thread, if you see otherwise then please post again.
  9. So turning async compute off has stopped you from crashing? That's good to hear! As for the files you've attached, you're missing the crash file itself so if you could attach the full .zip that would be great. Thanks.
  10. Hey @Getts0388 @FoxTail108 would either of you be able to provide a report code the next time you try this please? I noticed there is one in FoxTail's post but we've not been able to find any issues with that particular one. The report code needs to be from the session that you were playing as the report code changes every time that you restart the game. Thanks.
  11. Hey @Basitron I know that StevieJay will eventually pop in here to take a look no doubt so thanks for posting those documents. Would you be able to provide another crash dump as we've not been able to get anything from the one you've added. As a potential solution since you mentioned about lower graphics helped, would you be able to try disabling asynchronous compute from the graphics options and then perhaps ray tracing to see if either of those help in this situation as I see you've got it all enabled. Thanks.
  12. Can you try setting those to false and see if that helps your issue? Definitely shouldn't be enabled for a 1080
  13. That's odd, the hardware settings config within your crash dump has it sent to on. Can you take a look at your hardware settings config/send it over separately to see if it is the same as the following: <rt_shadows enabled="true" /> <rt_reflections enabled="true" /> If it is, then try setting this to false for both of those.
  14. Hey @Mharrit would you be able to try disabling Ray Tracing to see if this helps your issue?
  15. Hey @GBPolesitter just a few questions from me: Were you in any sessions before this happened or was it straight from loading up the game that you bought the livery and seen this issue? Which sponsors do you have on the car? Had you deleted any career saves? Have you watched any replays/highlights in the theatre? How many different Car Livery designs do you have set up? Did you create a new one when you bought a new livery from the shop, or did you overwrite a previous one with it? Have you deleted any Car Livery designs at all? How many Character "clothin
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