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  1. RedDevilKT

    Penalty display on F1 esports

    @zZ A M P Aa It was always intended to be included but we can pretend you did a thing 😉 The esports broadcast allowed us to show it off a little early as well.
  2. RedDevilKT

    Penalty display on F1 esports

    Hey @zZ A M P Aa, hope you like the surprise in today's patch 😛
  3. RedDevilKT

    game crashes righe after finish line

    Hi @delta001777, to help us resolve your issue please can you attach a DXDiag as well as the crash dump instead of the ego dumper logs. Thanks.
  4. RedDevilKT

    Game Crashes On Start Up - Help!!!

    Hi @GaryBaker, my apologies for the late reply. Please see the recommended post in this thread: This should help you to resolve this issue. Thanks.
  5. RedDevilKT

    EGO Dumper Crash

    Hi, please see the recommended post on this thread: This should help you to resolve your issue. Thanks.
  6. Hi @SixtoRodriguez, apologies for only getting to this now, @BarryBL is out of office so response times may be a little slower until they return. I've also moved your posted from the Leagues forum to the technical assistance area. First of all, the issue regarding the league not advancing is something that we have been investigating and have a fix in test. Secondly, your no points being awarded will be for the DNFs, yes.
  7. RedDevilKT

    Another featured event?!

    @Tatl360 There are still events going on for F1 2019. Both featured and weekly grand prix events, these are on a schedule however so you may not get them back-to-back (i.e. featured after grand prix etc) but they are still scheduled for each week.
  8. RedDevilKT

    cannot drive into pit

    @elite12345 @oldmanracernc One question to ask here is, are your engine components significantly worn? I.e. is there a red icon on the MFD (almost like a warning icon) - it should be next to the commands list when closed but you can cycle through your MFD to check the wear on your components. If that is the case, then that has been passed onto the dev team. If this is the case, follow the workaround above but then I would suggest changing your engine components and this should work as expected if this is the issue you are running into.
  9. RedDevilKT

    Another featured event?!

    @Tatl360 That depends. What issue are you seeing?
  10. RedDevilKT

    Monza weekly event not functional bug report

    Hi @Getts0388, I've just had our team take a look into this and we've managed to resolve the issue (tested it myself). Let us know if you continue to run into issues.
  11. RedDevilKT


    Hi all, this should now be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  12. RedDevilKT


    Hi guys, we are investigating this issue just now. I will update as soon as I can with more information.
  13. RedDevilKT

    F1 2019 and new Nvidia 3000 series cards

    @Ch3wyz0r I've merged your post into the 2019 section of the forums and to a similar post. Please see my previous comments on how to address the issue.
  14. RedDevilKT

    Doesn't load my old files

    Hi @RicardoZonta7, I'm sorry that you have run into this issue. Would you be able to send us the save files so that we can investigate please? How to copy a save game Insert a USB drive in to your PS4. On the PS4 go to Settings, Application Saved Data Management, Saved Data In System Storage, Copy to USB Storage. Select your F1 save and copy it to the USB. Remove the USB and put it in to a PC. Compress the PS4 folder to a zip file. Send the file to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ - remember to add a link to the thread you are talking about in the email)
  15. RedDevilKT

    F1 2019 and new Nvidia 3000 series cards

    Hi @Vapochilled I can a ssure you that I (and @BarryBL) work for Codemasters. Barry is out-of-office this week so response times are a little slower than normal while I also pick up his work. Our friends at Nvidia have helped us put together a handy guide for any users on their new GPUs and experiencing this issue. Please see the attached. F1 2019 - Ampere Crash Workaround.pdf