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  1. Can you five me An update of the F2 update

  2. RedDevilKT

    Singapore Track update will be needed

    Hey, I’ve merged the two threads (thanks @UP100) just so we can keep the conversation in one place.
  3. RedDevilKT

    League (online) Pre-race game crash [ZX]

    @JakeJewie20 I have merged your thread with an existing one about the same issue. Like my message above, the issue advancing after Q3 is something we are aware of and are looking to address in an upcoming patch.
  4. A video of everything that happened leading up to it occurring would be great. Will allow the team to see exactly what you did while playing and hopefully allow us to recreate the issue. Feel free to either link it in here or send it via DM if you feel better doing that.
  5. RedDevilKT

    Ps4 dd1 fanatec

    That fix unfortunately was not included in 1.10 but was mentioned as one of the issues we will be addressing in an upcoming patch. Apologies if there was any confusion there.
  6. RedDevilKT

    Ps4 dd1 fanatec

    @pover74 This is being addressed in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can put the base into the “compatibility mode” and this should make it so the game recognises it. To do this, press the Triangle and SH buttons at the same time (this may depend on which wheel you own).
  7. RedDevilKT

    How to change/rename player name

    Hi @simracer221 if this is for F1 2019, from the Home screen, head to customisation > Driver > Profile. This will allow you to edit your driver name and nationality. To change your badge, on the customisation screen select 'Badge' and you can choose which badge you'd like. Hope this helps.
  8. I've moved this thread into the technical assistance forum. @Zachrulez as @ptank20 says, any and all additional information would be useful in order for us to try and track this issue down. For instance: Had you been in any modes/sessions previous to it happening (and which ones) What did you do in the run up to it happening (i.e. were you adjusting setups, saving setups, did you resume a mid-session save?) Career settings (i.e. qualifying lengths, race lengths etc). Thanks.
  9. RedDevilKT

    is codemasters going to fix this guy

    @Eatoner I have removed your comment as it is unnecessary and rude.
  10. Hi @joserdcosta apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Can I please get you to send a screenshot of your helmet customisation screen as this will allow us to see exactly what you are seeing? The esports helmet should appear within the standard helmets screen when customising your driver. Thanks.
  11. RedDevilKT

    Geometry and texture bugs after the livery update

    @BiohazardBGR you will be glad to know that two of the issues you have mentioned will be addressed in an upcoming patch.
  12. RedDevilKT

    League (online) Pre-race game crash [ZX]

    @MerkmanPS4 @Camdmitchell I have merged your threads into here so that the discussion can remain in one place. This is something that we are aware of and are looking at addressing in an upcoming patch once it gets through the testing phase.
  13. RedDevilKT

    1.05 - Car constantly scraping in career mode [R2]

    Hi @SASColfer thank you for giving us so much detail about this. With the upgrades in career applied, this will push the car closer to the ground (upgrades are ultimately to increase performance after all). Combined with the high speed sections of the track providing a higher aerodynamic load (pushing the car further into the ground), fuel loads etc, and the likes of that straight in Japan (for example) being bumpy, it means that there is an increased chance of sparks and with how low the car will be, potential scraping.
  14. RedDevilKT

    No Sparks for certain teams (F1 2019) [R2]

    Hey, I've merged a couple of threads about the same thing. Each car is slightly different in terms of how high or low they are to the ground as a result of how they are designed and thus the amount of sparks they generate will be different within the game. Hope this helps explain it a little.
  15. RedDevilKT

    No response to problems

    @Techstyler81 Please try to keep comments and topics created in English so as to abide by the forum rules which can be found here. I am closing this thread as it currently goes against these rules but feel free to post again in English.