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  1. @skoipump @schumifan5 Can you both delete your hardware settings file. It's likely the game is looking for your old graphics card
  2. Direct Message. I need to be able to find your account to be able to resolve the issue
  3. Sorry to disappoint but that source is not official and is incorrect as there is no patch releasing this week. I would recommend keeping an eye on either these forums or official F1 game social media accounts where all updates will be posted about first alongside any corresponding patch notes.
  4. @andreagladiator @Matikainen This should be resolved for you both.
  5. @Marcio313 if you are the same as the original poster of this thread then I have resolved the issue again. If not, please send me a DM with your PSN/Gamertag/Steam so I can look into it. @HosseinRostami please send me a DM with your PSN/Gamertag/Steam so I can look into it.
  6. @zApPaDiEtRoPlease post it as a new issue. Helps to differentiate it from the original issue.
  7. Hi, I should now have resolved this issue for you. Please let us know if you run into this issue again.
  8. I shall pass this onto the dev team. If I get an update I or @BarryBLwill share it.
  9. I'm not entirely sure unfortunately. I'll pass the report code on and see what information we can get from it.
  10. @BarryBadmutzWould you be able to try deleting your Hardware settings files and see if that makes any difference here. Thanks.
  11. Hi @dannyooooo, can you let me know which version of F1 2020 you own?
  12. Hi@niku2676 which platform are you on? If you are on PC, please check your in-game mail.
  13. @Stedano Please send me a DM with your PSN/Gamertag/Steam username and I'll look into it for you.
  14. @fuzzpanda422 can you send me a DM with your PSN please and I will look to sort it out. Thanks.
  15. @JAKUBTRNKA Can you drop me a DM with your steam ID as I can't seem to find the one you have supplied here, thanks!
  16. @mantazzo I'll make sure there are some colours in there for you next time 😉
  17. The F1® season continues its rollercoaster ride, with records broken, hard racing and a lot of rain. With all of that, we can hardly believe it’s only been two races since our last rating update. As always, the drivers are scored according to their Experience, Pace, Awareness, Racecraft and Overall Rating, with the numbers weighted towards their most recent race results. Take a deeper look into how the driver ratings are calculated here. Here are some of the changes in the latest update, up to and including the Turkish Grand Prix: Raikkonen on the Rise Raikkonen has ro
  18. Hi @Southpawdg, The first thing I would recommend is checking to make sure that Auto Save is enabled within the Options menu as this just seems like it is not remembering the progress that you have made. As for the first MyTeam career being without an advance button, we have been investigating that internally and hopefully we'll have an update on that issue for you soon. Go to Game Options on the home screen and it will be on the first set of options. Let me know if that is enabled or not and we can take it from there. Thanks, RedDevil
  19. I am investigating this issue with the team and will let you all know once I have any update or questions. Thanks.
  20. Thanks for the tag @1512marcel, this is an issue that we are aware of and investigating - added the with developers tag.
  21. @BillionScroll07 @SennaHazeveld I believe you are both experiencing the same issue as described in here. Are both of you part of the Xbox Preview/Insider program? If you are, there should be a "Report a problem" button that will enable you to report an issue with Microsoft when this happens. Other's within this thread have found a solution that looks to have worked for them so take a quick look through and decide if it is something you want to do.
  22. Hey folks, just a quick question, did anyone who has experienced this used the "Report a problem" feature within the Insider program to create a bug about this issue? This feature allows first party to receive any potential information around this issue directly. In the meantime, we will keep working with them towards a solution but the information that feature provides would be helpful. Thanks!
  23. @Sparticus_19 The team are hard at work on the issues that are raised by everyone on here, through social channels and our customer service teams - some issues do take longer to fix, get through our testing process and then be scheduled for a patch. I can guarantee that no issue is ever ignored and when we have news about specific issues or requests we will make sure to inform everyone when we are confident in the resolution.
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