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  1. Hi everyone, Once again, we have returned with a deeper dive into the latest patch for F1 2019. We’ve seen that you are all enjoying the more in-depth look into the new additions and bug fixes that we have been bringing over the last few patches – so let’s keep that train rolling. Speed trap notification in practice sessions We have been constantly looking at new ways to notify you, the player, on just how quick you are going through the speed trap so that you can see your improvement lap after lap. With this latest addition, you will now start to see a HUD notification indicating exactly this. This notification will only appear in practice sessions to help you with your setup choices and analysis of your laps and only on those laps where you manage to improve your speed through the trap. Pit stop penalty notification If you are prone to receiving penalties, you might find it a little odd when your pit crew don’t immediately get to work on your car when you head in for some fresh rubber. To solve this, we’ve now added a new indicator to the pit timer to show you that you are serving a penalty. This will only be shown for penalties where the car is stopped prior to any changes being made to the car i.e. a 5-second time penalty. Front wing repair threshold You might remember in the last patch that we reduced the minimum physical damage required before your pit crew would change your front wing when you had asked for it via your MFD. We’ve taken your feedback on-board and we’ve brought this same threshold into practice and qualifying sessions so that you aren’t leaving any time on the track. If you have minor damage, this will now automatically be repaired when you return to the garage and will have to be completed before you can head out for your next run. Radio Language Setting Thank you for your feedback and reporting the removal of this option in a previous patch. This option is returning! With the game in any supported, non-English language, you will now once again be able to select the language of your radio audio. For example, this means that you can have your game language in German and your radio language in English should you wish. This setting can be found in Options > Audio > Advanced Audio settings > Radio Language. Leagues – Failure to submit result We had been made aware of an issue where with split weekends enabled alongside full qualifying, the race the results would not be submitted upon completion. This was a result of members of the league not qualifying for either Q2 or Q3 sessions and the race looking for these results instead. This has been fixed in this patch. Progress through championship We have now made it easier for you to see exactly how many race weekends you have left in your championship. This means no more loading in and out of the game mode to see how long you have until you secure your next drivers’ world championship. When loading into a session you will now see a round counter displaying the race weekend number you are in versus the total number of race weekends. If you have any issues with anything in this patch then please do let us know.
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    more save slots for setups?

    Moved this thread to DiRT Rally 2.0 forums so that it is in the correct place.
  3. RedDevilKT

    F1 mobile on Ipad pro 2020

    Hi @marmech I have moved your post into the F1 Mobile technical assistance forum so that it is in the correct place and the appropriate team/community will be able to assist you.
  4. F1® 2019 PATCH NOTES – v1.22 Patch 1.22 is now out on all platforms. Below, you’ll find notes for this patch, and further down you can read the notes. General Radio language option has returned to the advanced audio options screen Users will now see the speed they set in the speed trap in practice sessions Addressed an issue where the camera would reset when the game was started User is now notified of their progress through a championship on the loading screen User can now see if they are serving a penalty during a pit-stop Front wing damage threshold has been reduced in practice and qualifying sessions to include minor physical damage Addressed an issue where the safety car could appear in One-Shot Qualifying in online sessions Leagues Addressed an issue where users could not submit results if they didn't enter qualifying 2 or 3 with saving between sessions enabled Addressed an issue where a scheduled league could become stuck in an old event Addressed an issue where a league could become stuck if abandoning a practice or qualifying session with saving between sessions enabled PC Maximum Vehicle Reflections setting reduced from ‘Ultra High’ to ‘High’ for stability For our Deep Dive on this patch, please see here. Please use the below for the General Discussion on the new patch.
  5. Hi @ZeroAffex I have split your post into a new topic and moved it into the DiRT Rally 2.0 technical assistance so that the respective team can assist you with your issue.
  6. @viniciusrsouza Thanks for reporting this on the forums. We genuinely try to get back to as many threads as we can and we do read every single one but as @UP100 mentions our Developer Liaison is out of office for a little while which makes this a little harder. We are aware of this issue that has been reported on various social channels and we already have a fix in to return this option in the next patch.
  7. RedDevilKT

    F1 2021 Career Mode Ideas

    @brsteg Please refrain from bumping threads. Thanks.
  8. @Fabiocze as @UP100 mentions, great detail in the bug report. I'll pass this onto our QA team to see if they can recreate the issue.
  9. RedDevilKT

    How to adjust HUD?

    Hi @Morsify if you go to track head to options > on-screen display, the option will be available. As previously mentioned this is currently only available on PC. Hope this helps.
  10. RedDevilKT

    Racing line assist

    @pedrosdt That makes sense, thanks for linking to that thread. I'll pass this onto the team for future consideration!
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    important online update and simple to implement

    @DarkSuLL @BarryBL is currently out of office for a period of time so please bear with us while we pickup his workload. I have passed this onto the team for future consideration. Thanks for your suggestion
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    is it possible to have that time in bahrain?

    Hi @DarkSuLL I have edited your post removing the names and videos as this is naming & shaming which is against the forum rules. If you believe that someone is cheating then please report this with any evidence to f1(dot)report(at)codemasters(dot)com and we will investigate this. Thanks.
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    Racing line assist

    Hey, I'm glad to see that you've both taken the plunge in turning off the Dynamic Racing Line! There is something similar to what you are looking for in the 'Corners Only' option for this, so if you haven't already, I'd give that a try.
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    Hi @Magax I have moved your topic into the F1 Mobile Technical Assistance thread so that it can receive attention from the correct people as this was previously in the F1 games area which is for the console/PC game.
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    Connection racenet

    Hi @fanon46 I've moved your post into the DiRT Rally 2.0 area of the forums as this was originally posted in the F1 Forums.
  16. Hi all, All of the posts not related to the patch will be moved to this thread to help keep the discussion thread on topic and easier for the team to track any issues related to this patch. Feel free to use this thread as an area to talk about items not related to the patch. Thanks,
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    @maxim650 This has already been done for you from your previous post 🙂
  18. Hi @thegrizzled, from looking at the image and the car in-game on our end from the same view and in the showroom, that is the arm of the mirror on the Alfa Romeo. The mirrors are out a little wider - hope that helps.
  19. RedDevilKT

    F1 2019 crash when is start up PC

    @zaider3001 are you referring to the warning/note about graphics drivers in this instance? This should be the only message that would appear similar to this. That message is there to indicate to users that they are not on a recent driver version where updating will remove the message. Hope that helps to clear that up but if it is a different warning then please let us know. Thanks 🙂
  20. RedDevilKT

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    Do any error codes come up at all or does it just stay on the 'Communicating with Online Services' screen?
  21. RedDevilKT

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    Hi all, can you please let me know which platform you are all on. Thanks!
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    @maxim650 Would you be able to give me a little detail on what is happening? I.e are you getting into the session and then there are disconnects causing you to have to restart or any other detail? It'll be helpful for us to try tracking down why this is happening. I've moved it on again for now but you should be able to create a new one with the same name should you wish to. Please let me know if it happens again and if there is a common occurrence between when they are getting stuck.
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    Steel nimbus controller for iOS

    Hi @GRUEHLE I've moved your topic to the F1 mobile area so that it is in the correct place. @CMF1mobile will hopefully be able to assist you here. 🙂
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    League in progress for 2weeks

    I've now progressed your league forward. If you have any other issues please just let me know. Thanks.
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    League in progress for 2weeks

    Hi @Ads220 I have moved your thread into the technical assistance area so that it is in the correct place. Would you be able to tell me the name of the league, platform (ps4, Xbox, PC) and the gamertag/PSN/Steam ID of the owner so that we can take a look into this. Thanks.