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  1. Machtkarton3525

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Machtkarton3524 - Xbox One
  2. Machtkarton3525

    F1 2019 Time Trial Bug Report

    Hey☺ I think it's a bug. I haven't been able to fix it yet. I don't think any update will come out to fix this problem because the new game will be released in 2 weeks.
  3. Machtkarton3525

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    What i just thought of☺. Try to set the ERS a little lower at the start, and once you have full traction, you can set the ERS higher again. This should give the additional traction in the first part of the start.
  4. Machtkarton3525

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. In which season are you in your career. I'll assume you're in Season 3 because you're already in the front row with the McLaren. 1. You have very strong spinning rear wheels. This may be because of the transmission setting. What did you set in the transmission? 2. Try to switch to the 4 gear as quickly as possible, which also brings you additional traction. But the AI is pretty hard to beat at the starts.
  5. Machtkarton3525

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Ok. ☺ You have written that you drive with all the assists. Try pushing the gas pedal through at the start. With the traction control it is so that it slows you down a little in the acceleration phase (mostly in the rain). At the start it is very helpful but in the race it slows you down a little bit. Why I can give you the tip to make the assists gradually. In the beginning you will be slower, but after a while your pace will increase. I drive completely without assists but I see with most of them driving with all assist that they push the gas pedal at the start fully. I hope I could help you a little further.☺
  6. Machtkarton3525

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Hey.☺ Short question. Do you push the gas pedal completely at the start or do you keep the revolutions at 11500?
  7. Machtkarton3525

    F1 suddenly brakes

    @criptero I also had a Logitech steering wheel for a while. 1. With the pedals it is very important that you always keep them clean, maybe there has accumulated some dirt and then triggered this problem. If you clean the pedals, I recommend you to watch a Tutorial on YouTube, because you have to be very careful so that you don't damage cables. If this solution didn't help, 2. I can recommend you to check the F1 main menu for the calibration of your steering wheel, maybe something has changed in the brake settings. And finally, 3. I can recommend you to check out the Logitech Gaming Software. Try to reset the software to its default settings. Maybe you've had a mistake beforehand, which changed the brakes that led to this problem. I hope I could help you a little bit further.
  8. Machtkarton3525

    F1 suddenly brakes

    Can you give me some more information? On which platform do you play F1 and which accessories do you use for it? Then maybe I can help you.
  9. Machtkarton3525

    Not saving time trial times F1 2019 (XBOX ONE)

    I have exactly the same problem on Xbox. I think it's just a bug. Probably the bug will not be fixed so quickly, because F1 2020 will be released in a short time.
  10. Machtkarton3525

    F1 2019 glitch

    That's a bug. In the Forum Technical Assitance you can make a bug report and maybe you will find a solution. Before you put Bug Report in the forum, read the instructions on how to create a Bug report beforehand. Hopefully I could help you further. 🙂
  11. Machtkarton3525

    F1 2020 Xbox One

    The question belongs more in the general discussion or technical assitance Forum. You're more likely to get an answer.
  12. Machtkarton3525

    Not saving time trial times F1 2019 (XBOX ONE)

    Brief info: You're missing some information to create a complete bug report: Accesories and version of the Game. 🙂
  13. Machtkarton3525

    F1 2019 Time Trial Bug Report

    I was driving a few time trial laps in Germany when I noticed a bug. -When I go to the global leaderboard and press the "Find me" button, I get an incorrect gamertag. -When I drive on the track, my personal bests and the delta are not shown to me. Platform: Xbox One Version: 1.22 Game mode: Time Trial Accesories: Fanatec Clupsport Steering Wheel Formula V2, CSL Elite Whell Base v1.1, Xbox One Controller, Xbox Stereo Headset Wrong Gamertag: LIeytonDS1768 (global leaderboard) Correct Gamertag: Machtkarton3524 (leaderboard Friends)
  14. Machtkarton3525

    Problem with the Fanatec Formula V2 steering wheel in F1 2019

    I've already removed the controller and headset and just connected the steering wheel. Nevertheless, I can't prove the Buttons. I will contact Fanatec Support in the next few days.
  15. Machtkarton3525

    Problem with the Fanatec Formula V2 steering wheel in F1 2019

    Ja, sollte ja eigentlich bloß ein Beispiel sein, was angezeigt wird wenn ich diese Tasten drücke. Denn normalerweise sollte bei dem Lenkrad, wenn ich jetzt zum Beispiel die Taste LSB auf “Differntzial erhöhen“ legen will, nicht das Schaltsymbol auftauchen, sondern es sollte LSB angezeigt werden.