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  1. Will there be Denuvo in the full game? Since it greatly reduces FPS performance, there is a very long download due to denuvo, isn't it time for developers to abandon denuvo completely, it decreases performance who even bought the game or what?
  2. F1 2021 BETA released how to get the game?
  3. Koul2020

    F1 2021

    Such a question to the developers will there be a new F1 game in 2021 or will there be an update to the game season with 2021 lineups and liveries or will there be a brand new F1 game in 2021?
  4. Hello everyone !! 1 This question will F1 2021 be released entirely by EA SPORTS or will the game be released only by Codemasters without EA SPORTS as before?
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