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  1. vbala

    June 6 patch notes

    It's more than a month that you released update 5 which totally broke the game. I'm still not able to use the third slot which immediately crashes the game. I asked your support team to delete the R&D box but they cannot do it. It's totally ridiculous. I think I stop playing this game (network issues, unpredictable gain or loss at race start, unintelligible safety rating and so on). You spoiled a fundamentally good game, BRAVO! 👏
  2. vbala

    Game stuck on loading screen

    Same issue for me since the last update. Just another well tested "improvement". 😔
  3. vbala

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Chris, Game server is down today as well. Could you ask the team to investigate its root cause instead of applying ad-hoc solutions?
  4. vbala

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Hi Chris, There is one more issue in the game described here and here. In short, we have to open R&D boxes in a specific order otherwise the game throws an error. Plus, I had two unopened boxes before the update and now I cannot open the second box. Immediately thows "An error occured when saving your progression" error when I tap it. Please also forward to the DEV team.
  5. Totally agree, it's an amateur mistake. Especially because they knew it's a massive update which is advertised with #ChangingTheGame Despite all of this, they decided to release an untested game just before the weekend and then go to rest. 👏
  6. After several tries, I could release a research slot, but it's still so buggy. For example, I can't open the third box, although it's ready for days. It seems it's only working if I open the boxes in a specific order: Wait until the current reseach is finished Open the box Start another research Is this intentional? Is there any way to open the third box which is stuck? I immediately get the above error if I tap it.
  7. vbala

    New Azerbaijan event

    Same problem. I installed the game to my secondary mobile but it didn't help.
  8. Since you relesed Update 5, I can't do anything in the game. I'm continuously getting this error message: An error occured when saving your progression. I already deleted local data and reinstalled the game. Nothing helped. How could you release the game with such a breaking bug?! 😔