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  1. clpadilla

    Xtreme One Racing League / Xbox One / Sunday league

    I sent you a message brother
  2. clpadilla

    Xtreme One Racing League / Xbox One / Sunday league

    join the fb page brother so I can contact you www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone
  3. clpadilla

    Looking for an US Xbox league (New league driver)

    Hello man, Check us out Xtreme One Racing League, based in North America and we have people all over the world. We accept people from all driving skills as long as you're a clean driver 🙂
  4. Join a great league where we have drivers from all skill level, we make 3 practice sessions during the week and the race day session in sunday 17:00 UK time, we race in equal performance so your driving won't be affected on which car you're in. Join us for this Season! www.totdracing.com
  5. The Xtreme One Racing League (Xbox One) F1 2018-2019 is looking for a commentator that can stream our races (sunday 11:00 GMT-5) Requirements: - Be professional in your performance - English speaker - Have a great internet connection - Have a lot of fun and be committed - Xbox One Platform To apply please contact us at www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone or www.x1racingleague.com.mx Join us!
  6. Xtreme 1 Racing League https://x1racingleague.com.mx I extend a cordial invitation to anyone who likes to join the X1 RACING LEAGUE. It is a league on Xbox One Platform 50% race distance, we race on Sundays at 13:00 GMT-5 (Mexico City Time). Drivers from all over the world are welcome as we are a bilingual league! The league will officially start on Sunday June 30, 2019 with the release of f1 2019 videogame, but we will have a preseason during the month of May and June, you can check the calendar on the facebook page of the league. We will have prizes for the first three places in the league (they will be announced on the facebook page). To sign up please fill this form https://forms.gle/y87PFtm3tU49gx9i6 and you'll be contacted by the administrators. ------------------------------------------------ Extiendo una cordial invitación a todo aquél que guste integrarse a la X1 RACING LEAGUE. Es una liga en plataforma XBOX ONE, las carreras tienen una distancia de 50%, en la cual se corren los días domingo a las 13:00 GMT-5 (Horario de la Ciudad de México). ¡corredores de todo el mundo son bienvenidos ya que somos una liga bilingüe! La liga oficialmente iniciará el domingo 30 de junio de 2019 con la salida del f1 2019, pero contaremos con una pretemporada durante todo el mes de mayo y junio, podrán consultar el calendario en la página de facebook de la liga. Contaremos con premios para los primeros tres lugares de la liga (serán anunciados en la página de facebook) Para inscribirse llenen la siguiente forma y serán contactados por los administradores. https://forms.gle/y87PFtm3tU49gx9i6 Saludos y los esperamos!
  7. clpadilla

    Xbox Racing League

    Hello! I would like to join the league! I can get a partner. Regards!