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  1. Happened to me from Paul Ricard onwards on full seasons. I run a My Team and Mercedes solo careers @ 25% and it’s random, but at least 50% + of the races. Tried disconnecting the wheel, flashback nothing works…. But… Jump to menu right as you about to pit on your flashback (too late if you can’t flashback to before the crash), make a mid session save and exit. Launch your career again from the main menu, load your mid session save and enjoy your normal pit stop. I used this method to get past 4 more 25% GPS mostly medium starts with the automatic right hand turn pitstop sto
  2. That’s a very good point, as when I set all my profiles in careers and 2P careers, I didn’t see the question asking you about the number 1 if you win the championship, so I’m guessing it’s a forgotten feature in 2021. I’m round 10 in both my team and Mercedes. Does anyone from CM know if this is the case? @BarryBL
  3. Happens in races as well in 2020 and 2021. If you end up using flashback due to a crash, later in interviews your asked if you were lucky not to end the race with that crash, yet if you check the race director, there’s no events due to the flashback. I think the crash is still recorded post the flashback. Meaning actually it is a bug as if you wipe your slate clean, should be no record 🙂
  4. Thanks @cmgavincooper that works actually quite well 🙂 Does your team development points and / or your driver development you buy effect those sessions outcomes? Thanks!
  5. Agree totally @1512marceldirect drives are brutal, my DD2 has given a few 12nm spikes on the base screen I have running on it when I start. During the beta and the odd times if you don’t lock the rotation angle into the base. I’m using Set 5 just for F1 2021 to help avoid this while the issues are resolved, works a treat.
  6. The patch that was released today didn't do anything to this bug, still can't simulate sessions the X is still missing.
  7. Yes as I'm sure the incorrect rotation affects the handling. I'm using the same settings as 2020 and F1 feels like F2 so the feedback isn't right its too heavy, but with it floored it makes no sense to mess with it rather deal with it until a fix that I hope is soon.
  8. Just curious what’s the graphics settings in the series x / s, performance or graphics?
  9. I forgot to mention you can test your wheel rotation in the wheel calibration screen and test the buttons. You can then toggle your in game wheel rotation angle and the DD1/2 Max rotation angle. 290 and 2250 are perfect 290...
  10. Its a bug with the wheel rotation not being sent to the wheel base. My DD2 nearly ripped my hands off with the issue in the beta. Alter set 5 on your base and reduce the wheel rotation from auto to 2250 and that yields 290 degrees. It will then not try to assault you 😉
  11. Unable to simulate practice sessions in career or my team only option it to skip and warning of skipping the sessions. F1 2020 you had X option to simulate it’s just missing completely. That’s after you complete the mandatory first practice session. TPBH-HJJB-BKRK-GTJG XBOX Career or My Team (my team both single and two player career) The option is missing there’s nothing possible but toss points or be forced to do practice sessions.
  12. Just checking there's an inbuilt 10 seasons in career and my team? I was about to enjoy season 11 to have to start with a Williams spec vehicle again, after 1.3 billion in the bank 😞 I could start a second team and so much resources I laughed when Jeff came out about changes... Suggestion. Can we have more seasons as well as an auto apply for after Jeff wipes out your development. I spend more time fixing development one by one than I'd spend in a race , I had over 140K points...
  13. Finished at both Brazil and Abu Dhabi both My Team and Career without issues...
  14. Hi Barry, Managed to get through two Mexico races without issue and no start up glitch today. I’ll try again over the weekend and report back. Looking like just an odd issue on one day. Cheers, David
  15. Hi Barry, There’s about 40 percent free of the internal 1TB SSD and I have nothing installed yet on the extra 1TB SSD card. There’s also an external 2TB HDD which has some other not common played games. I managed to get through the two races, both were in Suzuka. However I couldn’t skip the formation lap as when the save loads again, it goes straight into the formation lap. Yesterday I got through two races at COTA in both my team and career. Only issue I had yesterday was when I launched 2020 it hang on the opening screen for about a minute and Xbox says is hanging a
  16. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Got the update today and this has started. No codes, just right after you complete your race and click advance, it hangs for ages on saving game takes 5 minutes or more. Happens in my team and career. Platform XBOX Series X What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) Current 1.14 Game-mode? Career and My Team at the completion of the race, when you hit advance, should go to Claire for the interview
  17. Thanks guys. @BarryBL the extra 5000 is very nice and really appreciated! Cheers
  18. Thank you 🙂 Yes I received the Xbox message with two codes.
  19. I just checked right then and no message(s) yet. Only one from today was the weekly event results and trophy 😞
  20. My son had this yesterday on his Xbox s once he got to China (fine in qualifying, just race) with Mercedes in career. Soon as it’s race it crashes to Xbox home. Tried even rebooted 6 times. We went through and removed all Schumacher / 70 / Racenet livery, suit, gloves, walks, checked absolutely everything the works. Ran fine then straight to the grid and ran floor less. Then later even with my team it just went through China race with no issues. Try it.
  21. Add two more for XBOX for Schumacher DLC DavidCottle XBOX X WesleyCottle XBOX S
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